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  1. Thanks Brian, I'll give the focus lock a try this weekend to see what I can do.
  2. As promised, I'm returning with some of my results from this GREAT modification. I've been really satisfied so far with the results, though I've taken a few pictures with the lenses that, in retrospect, I probably should have shot without... I guess I've been over-eager. I do have a followup question about using the manual focus with the double stacked lenses. Should I even bother paying attention to the focal distance displayed next to the focus bar graph, or should I simply use my eye to gauge when I'm in focus? Or to rephrase it, what effect do the lenses have on the distance displayed on this bar graph? Tiger Flat Worm Fried Egg Slug Whitemargin Slug Trembling Slug Imperial Slug Titan Scorpionfish Spanish Dancer Sea Slug Eggs Last Pic
  3. Brian and Bruce, I am in the states and made a go of this project this past weekend and eventually had some success. Of course, now I have to wait for my newly purchased lenses to arrive (inon macro and wide-angle). Some things I noted during construction: 1 - Using a hack saw to remove the 62mm ring was not particularly difficult. I secured the ring vertically in a table vice and had no issues with bending or crushing the ring. Just be careful not to tighten too much. 2 - I attempted to use the cellophane sheet method that Brian described, but had a tough time converting that template to the ring. Instead, I cut a file folder (or other rigid paper) in a 67mm circle, using the lens as a stencil; I also left a little tab on the circle as a finger hold (see picture below). Then I transferred the template from the stencil to the paper circle and glued the circle to the flat part of the step up ring. Using this method, I now had a clear and accurate template, and a natural guide for the drill bit once I got through the paper layer. 3 - Brian's instructions recommend using a center punch to mark the holes. My first go around I actually used the center punch to create a divot for the drill, but might have been over zealous as it warped the ring significantly. Be gentle, it's delicate! 4 - Order more Step-up rings than just 1! digitalfotoclub.com has them for $4.00 a piece, so stock up. I'll return back some time in the next couple weeks when I get my lenses with some results. Thanks again for this post Brian!
  4. Your modification looks great! and needed! I've got a G9 with the OEM case too and have been looking for a solution to the lens issue. I have some questions I was hoping you could answer: - Does the G9 have any problems focusing with your macro lenses attached? Auto-focus work ok, or do you need to use the manual focus? - Are the lenses pictures mounted to the top of housing the 2 macro lenses stacked up? Are you happy with these lenses? - The screws for the housing look plenty long, you don't have any concern about flooding? - Does the filed-down step-up ring put enough pressure on the housing lens to contribute to keeping the housing lens in place? Thanks for your detailed instructions and pictures! I look forward to trying this myself.
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