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  1. What strobe bulkheads are on the housing and do you have any ports to sell?
  2. Can you post some pictures please. Do you know if this housing will fit the Sony TRV 900 or 950? Thanks john
  3. Thanks Becky.. I'll have to look at the Patima housing.
  4. I haven't decided yet but it seems that most of the Sony line is compatible. maybe the XR150 or CX110 or CX150. Do you have any recomendations? Thanks, john
  5. I'm looking to start in UW video without breaking the bank. I saw the Amphibico Turtle housing and was wondering if any one has one and what you think of it. Thanks in advance John
  6. Can you post a picture if the back of the strobe. Thanks, john
  7. How much are you looking for? How old is the strobe and do you have any sync cords? Lastly do you have any pics? Thanks, John
  8. Who do you use for your E6 processing? I have found a few places online that will process E6 and they are about 1/2 the price my local photo shop charges. I know should be supporting my local business but these guys are rude and not very helpful. They act as if they are doing me a favor by taking my money. If it makes a difference I'm shooting Astia 100. Thanks John
  9. If you are going to split the system can you give pricing for the the dome and macro ports. Will these ports fit the new aquatica housings such as the housing for the D90? Thanks John
  10. I'm heading to Curacao the end of March. We are staying at the Marriot. Does anyone have recommendations of dive ops. I found an operation called Dive Bus that does shore dives does anyone have any experience with them? Is it worth going the dive boat route or just stick with beach dives? thanks John
  11. I know that the rule was that slide film will give you true colors where as prints are subject to color variation in the prints. But now since I scan my pictures does it really matter what I shot? I can scan negatives or slides the results should be the same shouldn't they be?
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