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  1. FOR SALE - SEALUX set for Canon 5D mark II: 1) Underwater Housing SeaLux (Germany) for Canon 5D mark II in excellent condition. About 250 dives. From April 2013 not used. Viewfinder LD. One electrical sync cable socket C5 (Nikonos type). Manufacture in may 2009. Fully serviced and pressure tested up to 80 m in September 2014. http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-housings/canon/eos-5d-mkii/ 2) Flat port (glass) SeaLux PN 94 (look like new - unused) 3) Extension tube SeaLux ZR 28 - when it is used together with the PN port 94 can be mounted lens Canon 100 / 2,8 Macro 4) Dome Port 180 mm (acrylic) without hood - Kenko (threaded) can use with adapter (DIY) to mount SeaLux - good condition (no scratch) 5) Flat Port (acrylic) (threaded), Kenko - for the use with wide-angle lenses as 17-40 and 16-35). Can use with adapter (DIY) to mount SeaLux. 6) Adapter from Kenko thread to Sealux mount (DIY from marine aluminum alloy, anodized). 6) Extension tube (32 mm thread) Kenko 7) +3 diopter lens 77mm lens 17-40 (used when installing with spherical port) 8) Camera Canon 5D mark II (body) - excellent condition, about 12,000-14,000 actuation, not flooded, no dust on the sensor. Includes: box, charger, papers, cables, CD with programs and manuals, neck strap, CF card 4GB. Manufacture in 2011. This kit allows you to use any lens due to the presence of two extension tubes. For the full set asking price 3700 USD (without camera body 2600 USD). Reasonable bargain allowed. Include shipping in Europe by tracking post delivery, worldwide with additional cost calculated. You can find photos doing with this here https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexey_stoyda/ or https://www.facebook.com/AlexStoyda/photos_albums. E-mail me please ciralex64@gmail.com
  2. Hi. I saw the same arms on one Italian guy. He told me that it was DIY project of his friend. But they was without anodized surface. May be try to find the same on Italian manufacturer.
  3. hi ErolE You can solve this problem using the system flash in the housing. I have DIY housing for Canon 580 EX 2 and using control via the camera menu of Canon 5d mk 2. the second curtain sync and high-speed sync work perfect. I can use multiple flash also
  4. Hi all. I do not wanna to discuss in this thread is needed TTL mode underwater or not. If that, I shoot in manual mode, the last 8 years. I carried out experiments with system flashes Canon 580 EX II with Canon 5DmkII in a custom housing. The first flash was managed and synchronization by electric cable (6 wires), and the second flash via an optical fiber (I use TosLink audio cable). Flashes as Sea&Sea YS 250 Pro and Inon Z240 did not work in TTL mode. They fires only in Manual mode with the optical synchronization. Next step was when I use the system flashes - Canon 580 EX II and Nissin 866 pro mk II. I was able to flash in e-TTL mode as a clear mining on the master flash on the cable wire, and on the remote flash unit via optical cable. Custom Housings for system flashes was without any control buttons. I operated of all modes of the two flashes via the camera menu. It was really great.
  5. Hi I have used Sealux 5d for 4 years (up to 500 dives) and for 5Dmk2 for 2 years up to now (200 dives). I haven't any problems with this this housing. Easy to use, easy to manipulate underwater, no problem than preparing to dive - only 15-20 minutes need for it. I use models with LD viewfinder.
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