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  1. Need some help! For a Canon G7X iii, I'm torn between housings. Fantasea comes in around $500, vacuum tester built in, cool looking. Ikelite comes in around $550, vacuum not included. However, used one on the G9 for years and it works great. Any thoughts/preferences either way? Will be going on a tray with a DS51 and a video light. Thansk!
  2. So.... Picked up a DS51 for my G9 in an Ikelite housing and am trying to make it work. I set the strobe on TTL and sometimes that little red arrow shows up on the screen and the strobe is controlled by the camera. Sometimes, it just triggers full power. Any advice?
  3. Hi all, Looking at getting my Ikelite G9 housing serviced. They're saying $125 plus return shipping. Is this the way to go or is there a better option?
  4. Hi all, Looking for a DS-51 or better with current TTL upgrade. Arm and TTL cord are a bonus... PM me if you're looking to get rid of something. Don't worry about shipping to Canada, would ship to US address from US seller. Thanks! Matt
  5. No, it's a definite scratch, deep, angled and irregular. Called Ikelite, they say that it's covered under warranty, so it's curtrently in a box on its way back. Apparently it is possible to flame polish or buff it out. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi guys, Picked up a new Ikelite housing for my G9. When I first removed the back I noticed a light scratch on the housing portion right where the oring seals. It's enough to lighty catch a finger nail and passes compeltely through the o rings seal. I'm thinking that this would make a great leak.... Planning on calling Ikelite and seeing what they can do. I would imagine it could just be buffed out pretty easily. Any advice or experiences? Thanks!
  7. Well, I made the leap and dropped the cash and my new G( IKelite housing is on its way to replace my Canon housing. That being said, apart from reading and following the owners manual, is there anything special I should do when I recieve it? Any tips or tricks? I've heard a dab of glue on the cushions that turn the knobs doesn't hurt. Thanks!
  8. let me play with it a bit and I'll let you know.
  9. Nice shot with good colour. I'd try softening the water, do try and bring out a smooth, deep blue. Looks like ou've either had backscatter or too much sharpening. Good work!
  10. You need to point it at something white while you press the button. Underwater, this would most likely be a slate held a coupkle feet away.
  11. Two ways, using both hands, push a section of the ring together until it pops ou of the slot. Or, take something PLASTIC (nothing metal!!) like a credit card and gently work it out. www.magic-filters.com
  12. If you're in Canada, try Henry's Camera or Canon Canada directly. Yup, Thailand would be blue water. One should do, although I believe it comes in sheets that need to be cut to fit the lense on the housing, so maybe cut up a couple from the sheet and carry them as spares. Oh, and best results I got were Program mode, no flash, and manual white balance to a white slate when I got to depth. Get big memory cards and shoot the heck out of it. I figure 1 good photo for every 100 shots, although that's getting better.
  13. The G9 is an awesome camera for a point and shoot. I've used it with the Canon Housing and have been satisfied. I'm thinking of moving up to the Ikelite housing to allow for lenses etc in the future. If I were you, G9 with the Canon Housing and a Magic Filter on the lense (adds red back in making the colours better).
  14. Hi guys, Newbie here. Currently shooting with a G9 in a Canon housing. Looking to upgrade shortly to the Ikelite housing. Now, because strobes are a little pricey, I'm looking at getting a filter to help with the colours. Any tips or tricks? I assume just white balance at depth like normal? Thanks!
  15. The Canon G9 is an awesome camera. I'm just getting into the underwater aspect with it and love it. Small, light, and full of features. Massive LCD screen makes it easy to set up and review shots underwater. The Canon housing works well. You can access the continuous button directly, but there is a way to do without scrolling the wheel so everything is therefore accessible. You can get a G9 and Canon housing for around $800 or get the Ikelite housing and camera for a little over $1000. I got the Canon housing but will be moving up to the Ikelite soon. Get your hands on one and play around a little. SLRs are probably going to be too big when freediving. Depends where you dive really. Blue, clear water, you should do ok with the whitebalance and maybe a filter. As far as video, I've never have a problem with light.
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