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  1. I am glad I saw this, I was previously considering a Wetpixel trip, and glad that I avoided this nightmare. I took a quick 45 minutes and sent messages to every major vendor I saw on the Wetpixel website, to make sure that they know about this grift!
  2. If Nauticam does not BOTH apologize and PAY the photographers, I will stop recommending their products. Nauticam has described their products as”professional” equipment. Professionals get paid! If you do not pay up, I hope you lose your market share. DO THE RIGHT THING NAUTICAM!
  3. I have 4 YS-D1 strobes and anInon z240 that have been flawless. I bought 2 YS-D2 strobes in September, The flash tube burned out on one if them on my last dive trip. I am waiting to hear back from sea & sea. I sent in for service last week
  4. Not that it helps in ID for this part but as a tip, Anytime that I buy a gear of extension, I immediately label it with a sharpie for part # and size.
  5. Just saw Adam Hanlon's article regarding Jellyfish lake. I was in Palau last month. On April 16 there were very few jellyfish seen in the lake. On April 23 our group of 12 divers found ZERO jellyfish in an attempt to cover the entire lake surface. I was told by our liveaboard Capt. that Jellyfish lake has been shut down for diving tourism at this time.
  6. When shooting with my105 lens doing super macro, I find the ability to focus manually is indispensable. When shooting the 60 My depth of field is much larger and fine manual focus adjustments are not routinely needed IMHO.
  7. I have 4 YS-D1 and 2 YS-D2, Only reliablility issue I have had with any of them is when I had some minor corrosion on a D! battery cap, it caused the strobe to misfire, resolved with a cleaning of the contacts. Otherwise flawless through over 1000 dives.
  8. Yes, the z240 will produce a much more intense cone of illumination.. "Cone of illumination" sounds like something out of a SciFi novel
  9. Don't consider it needing to be "dumbed down" , we all started somewhere . To get the dark background, you need the brightness of the snoot light to overwhelm the ambient light conditions, so that when your camera is set up to properly expose your subject, the background looks very dark. In conditions where the ambient light is bright, the snoot output must be very powerful.
  10. The main CON is that you will always be shooting within a very narrow (and in some situations non-existent) exposure range which will have your subject adequately exposed, while giving you a very dark underexposure outside of your area of illumination. It may work ok in very low ambient light conditions, but you will certainly be limiting yourself in conditions where the ambient light is brighter.
  11. Not even close IMHO. You would be very limited by the low output. I would suggest comparing both.
  12. You would need a VERY powerful focus light to be useful shooting through a snoot. I DO use the modeling light on my strobe as an aiming tool for the strobe.
  13. Sharpening and a bit more contrast might help, but it is tough to fix blur or out of focus shots in post.
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