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  1. Just saw Adam Hanlon's article regarding Jellyfish lake. I was in Palau last month. On April 16 there were very few jellyfish seen in the lake. On April 23 our group of 12 divers found ZERO jellyfish in an attempt to cover the entire lake surface. I was told by our liveaboard Capt. that Jellyfish lake has been shut down for diving tourism at this time.

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  2. Don't consider it needing to be "dumbed down" , we all started somewhere :) . To get the dark background, you need the brightness of the snoot light to overwhelm the ambient light conditions, so that when your camera is set up to properly expose your subject, the background looks very dark. In conditions where the ambient light is bright, the snoot output must be very powerful.

  3. The main CON is that you will always be shooting within a very narrow (and in some situations non-existent) exposure range which will have your subject adequately exposed, while giving you a very dark underexposure outside of your area of illumination. It may work ok in very low ambient light conditions, but you will certainly be limiting yourself in conditions where the ambient light is brighter.

  4. When I switched from an Ikelite housing to Aquatica with optical bulkheads, I originally tried to use my Ikelite DS 161 strobes with the Ikelite F/O adapter. I had frequent failures to trigger the strobes(YMMV). I switched to Sea &Sea YsD1 strobes, and they work flawlessly with F/O cables and I can shoot TTL via F/O

    if I wish. All without having to worry about corroded or failing sync cords ever again. I also can run 4 strobes or disconnect and reconnect off camera strobes underwater. I was an Ikelite fan boy for 25 years, but I will never go back to electronic sync cords.

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