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  1. I have done 4 Aquacat cruises, and 17 Nekton cruises. Both have large staterooms with individual bathrooms with a shower. The Aquacat has rooms that are a bit nicer, and the food is better, and it is more expensive. The Nekton boats have better itineraries, and has a better camera table set-up. I plan on continuing to use both liveaboards. AQUACAT=HAPPIER WIFE , NEKTON=BETTER PHOTOS (IMHO, YMMV)
  2. I started UW photography about 12 years ago, I had been doing technical diving (cave / Trimix / rebreather) for quite some time, but over the years too many of my friends had "bad days", and I had a near miss myself. Loosing a close friend to a tech. dive accident really brought the point home. Once I got married, I felt the risk/benfit ratio was too high, so I decided to give up my technical diving pursuits, and stick with recreational open water diving. After technical diving for so long, I felt somewhat bored with the recreational diving I was doing, so I gave UW photography a try. I was hooked after that. I can still get my "gadget fix", without feeling like I am selfish for taking undo risks for my recreational activities. UW photography continues to present me new challenges, and keeps diving fresh for me. It gets me to continually look at the subsurface environment in new ways.
  3. I have only had one Ikelite slr housing leak at the port / housing joint. This was with a macro flat port while it was in a rinse bucket while I was getting out of the water. I think macro ports are more likely to flood at the surface. This is because they stick out further, so there is more levearge against the seal if lateral pressure is placed on the front of the port. Once you rig is at depth, I think there is very little chance of a port / housing separation. I have used both the 8" and 6" ort, and I get Much better results with the 8". Also, I now never let the dive master place my rig in the rinse tank while I am getting out of the water!
  4. DO NOT USE RAIN-EX ON YOUR ACRYLIC PORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will cause permanent hazing
  5. You could try a Canon close-up lens like the 500D (you would need a step-up ring to use a 72mm 500D). The 500D will give you better corner focus than a Woody's, but you can't change it during the dive. The 72 mm 500D goes for $124.95 @ B@H, not sure how much the step ring will cost
  6. Does anyone have any experience diving on the Gulf Stream Eagle liveaboard in the Bahamas? I plan on booking with them next year. Thanks
  7. Not much in the way of interesting photo-ops (except looking up or the rare catfish) in the Devil's Den. I usually spearfish on the west coast of Florida (I live in Sarasota), And travel to the east coast or Bahamas for UW photography.
  8. For my wide angle I have been using a B&H 2+ diopter with my Nikkor 12-24 DX in a 8" Ikelite port. I just bought a Nikon 5T and 6T at a garage sale ($3 for the pair ). Would using the 5T with a step-ring, instead of the 2+ diopter be better with the 8" port? Also, I would appreciate any pointers for using the 5T and 6T on my 105 VR for macro.
  9. Another tip for cavern shots is using a small tripod set-up, and natural light, makes for some dramatic shots (especialy in grey-scale).
  10. It's a lot of fun bringing your rig out on the dive deck of a liveaboard straight from the AC. The outside of the houding gets all foggy, and the divemaster will invariably scold you, saying you should keep your rig outside so it wont fog. Then you just dip it in the water and show no fogging at all.
  11. I have the new / modified wide body, and the original control would not actuate the focus collar of the 105 VR. I snt it back to Ikelite and the put the "old style" control with a larger rubber sheath (instead of an o-ring) in the focus port. Now it works fine.
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