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  1. Thanks Mark! Thanks Bill! I'll be waiting for your photos.. Thanks everyone so far for your replies! It's been giving me very nice options and helping me a lot!! How about anyone with TRV950 housings for sale? Thanks again! Deng
  2. wow! looks great. got a price? you can e-mail me at deng.garcia@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  3. Hi Drew, can't find your email via profile. Anyway, i'm from the Philippines. (Manila, Philippines) My budget really depends on the housing/bundle, etc. As long as it's justifiable. Also, accessories, like LCD monitor, has to be NTSC. My cameras, everything here is NTSC. Anyone out there? You can also email me at deng.garcia@yahoo.com. Thanks!!
  4. Oh thanks for the tip! Also looking into used/second-hand housings.. already posted in the classifieds. Hoping to be lucky. *crossing fingers!* Thanks again!
  5. Hi there! I'm a newbie in underwater videography and just starting to invest in equipment now. I own a TRV950 and a VX2000, and plan to use one for underwater video. I'm still deciding on which camera to use, and it'll also depend on what second-hand housing i can find, i guess. Therefore, I'm looking and hoping for anyone who might be selling their TRV950 or VX2000 video housing. Anyone? Your replies will be truly appreciated. Thank you!! Deng
  6. Thanks, Drew. Appreciate your comment. Hopefully the housing will work perfectly with the TRV950 first.
  7. Hi guys! I'm just new in the underwater video world, any help would be great. What can you say about the USVH (UnderSea Video Housings)? http://www.usvh.com/H.html I have a sony trv950 and planning on going HD maybe next year with the A1U. And the USVH has a "miniDV housing" that can fit both. Was just thinking if this is a reliable video housing. Thanks very much!
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