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  1. Just save these jpgs and look at exif in PS or any other editor/viewer... You will find Exposure Time: 1/320 and 1/160
  2. Is this one any better? I can try to make some close-up crops (but all the photos are frontal) of any area of interest.
  3. Could you please help me identify the following critter? It is looks like pom pom crab, but the color and some form of "hairy skin" is new to me. Photo is from Lembeh strait.
  4. Thank you! I will have to find this episode.
  5. It's all started with the late evening visit (the exact reason is still unknown) to Mike and Simon office in May ;-) And was materialized half a globe away in November (was it an obsessive idea?). It is clownfish eggs. And I can bet I have seen heart beat one or two times per second (or it is the rare case of shallow water nitrogen narcosis)
  6. I am still consider myself a macro person. So any critic is welcome. Not so 'good':
  7. Hello and (late) Merry Christmas to all, First of all small story and later the big question. Yesterday during some intense dialog with one well awarded photographer, I was given a very interesting point about the photo below (the whole dialog was about different subject, but this was an example). The point was that pontohi is not some unique subject any more (Ok, I know this) and in order to have any chance with photo like this on any photo competition one have to catch some crazy moment or create some unbelievable lighting, but still the chance it will be out long before the first round, like a very usual and popular subject. Now several words about the photo: it is about 70% crop made with reverse 50mm lens on bellows (the only way I know to bring good detailization and avoid aberrations and diffractions problems from converters and dioptres). So the magnification is about x4. But who cares (as it was pointed to me too) I cannot attach the photo story to any picture (and I am totally agreed). Now the questions: 1) So, please hammer me down. Is it really a waste of time to seek for one more step in details (and spending 10 times the time and losing the chance to do make some other subjects photo)? 2) It is hard to state the exact question here - it is kind of part of the story above, but I would really like to hear the whole truth here... yet again hammer me down here, PLEASE. Sorry for the size of the picture (I do read the rules, but in this case...)
  8. We were playing with the same idea for a little bit. (Inon’s type 4 are much easier to control from a distance.)
  9. More or less combination is the same, but the miracle of "home ground" is still playing some role. As to exact setup, I would really like to leave it to myself for now. I was using reversed 20mm lens with bellows and 20mm stacked on 105mm (all Nikon). Dark, hand focus (not even manual – change in lens focus changes magnification a little, but to focus housing have to be moved), crazy hard to light without blowing out eyes completely. P.S. All photos are ~90-95% from the full frame, so magnification is about x10-12
  10. Hello all, I am very interesting to know, what do you think about the following photos? It is the Red Sea, our divecenter hose reef (between the curses ;-). And the subjects are clownfish eggs. It is almost the first time I tried to make photo with x8 - x10 magnification underwater and it is quite hard. Last day before the night time hatching.
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