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  1. Hey Hal- that IS the guy I saw...too cute...wonder how long it takes to dry out his cottontail? LOL And Mark-"frying some fish scales"-I love it! Will do! In Lake Mead, there are some pretty big carp....does that count? hee hee
  2. Thanks, to my new "wetpixie" friend from down under! I definitely envy your 'backyard' for practicing UW pics!!! Good luck to you too. Keep in touch and we'll learn together Jim! Take care, Kristy PS-love the underwater photographer gif...that's AWESOME!
  3. No way...a Bunny Diver Specialty?!? OMG that's too funny! I think I saw a guy who dresses up like an Easter bunny in Florida, maybe he teaches it. We tried to do an Easter Egg Hunt once but not so many folks turned out for it. However, we did host an Underwater Turkey Hunt at Thanksgiving that was pretty cool...hey, maybe we should put together a PADI specialty for UNDERWATER DIVE TURKEY!
  4. and some more... and the finally shot...
  5. Here's some pics from one of my SCUBA Halloween parties! Let me set the scene: Lake Mohave (dusk/night) shore diving (muck divesite); a sunken van on its side; a sunken schoolbus; 50 divers; 25 pumpkins; a impromtu sunken graveyard complete with headstones, all sorts of scary props along our "underwater haunted dive trail'; pumpkin carving contest above and below the surface for non-divers too, TONS of food, beer, bonfires, and halloween theme music. It was a great time and people drove almost 2hrs from Las Vegas just to attend this party for one night! And it was free to them, to show our appreciation to all of our diving students, and their families. Sorry the pics aren't high quality, but you get the idea....Enjoy!
  6. Thanks everyone!!! You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! ....and to answer your question Giles, I'm a southern girl transplant from NC and came out to the 'hair-dryer' desert heat of Vegas about 2 days prior to 9/11 for aquarist work at the "southernmost casino on the strip with large sharks." Survived that round of casino layoffs; got passed over during two more rounds of layoffs over the next two years; then they decided to downsized their senior management staff....guess who was least in seniority??? I felt like a fish out of water (no pun intended ), so what to do? How does one take lemons and make lemonade? Well, I had been diving since 1987, so I decided to get back to my earliest roots of my love for sea exploration and began my journey into teaching SCUBA. Within a year or so, I earned my MSDT with PADI, DAN EFR Instr, and can teach the majority of both agencies specialties. I've introduced 347 people into the sport within the past couple of years. (And yeah, I found all these divers, dying of thirst in the desert....the thirst for underwater adventure!) I'm proud to say, many of whom have gone on to the professional level themselves. Plus, on a fun SCUBA side note, I can throw one hell of good over/under Halloween party! (I tend to do things with passion! ). Anyway, I'd given so much of myself (which I love to do) to make others happy in the past few years, that I decided to take a break (for me) and not put off doing something I've always wanted to be involved in any longer....(UWP)! Life is way too short NOT to live it fully, you know? So, here I am...a "wetpixie" in the desert....longing for the sea with camera in hand, and just enough beginning info to be dangerous, LOL! I'm TOTALLY looking forward to participating in this AWESOME website and getting involved with an OUTSTANDING group of people! Take care all, Kristy
  7. Here are my crazy kitties.... Jinxie and Mookie, you can tell they are party animals!
  8. Hello all Just wanted to say "hello" for the first time from Las Vegas and introduce myself! I've been an underwater enthusiast from the womb...so much so that I decided to major in Marine Biology, give the public aquarium circuit a go for about a decade as a senior aquarist/aquarium curator, and finally now as a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer for PADI. I LOVE TEACHING folks about the marine environment and sharing with them the true wonders that lie beneath what covers three quarters of our planet! Now here at Wetpixel, the teacher becomes the student. In all my years of being around the water I'm getting a late start into digital UW photography. But what I can tell you is that I have a passion for it and that I will become like a sponge and soak up as much info as possible on the subject. In fact, that's where I'm counting on all of you for more of same great advice I've already seen here so far. So I wanted to stop by and say "hi" before embarking on this wonderful journey! Nice to meet all of you in advance! Kristy
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