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  1. Housing in excellent condition; recently undergone complete servicing and replacement of o-rings. Cost $1,300 Sea and Sea Dome port $265 Sea and Sea TTL converter $260 Nikon D300 (body only) Cost $550 Great for experienced and beginners alike!
  2. Thanks Damo. Responses aren't yet reflexive to situations, so there's a lot of bubbled, "oh crap" underwater emanating from my reg. But appreciate tips, and shall keep at it !
  3. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.
  4. Hi Guys, Once edited, I try to save a photo in jpeg mode, and also as a photoshop file. The latter,however, never works as it can't be opened by PS. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Apologies for the simplicity of the question, and thanks in advance. Max.
  5. Thanks in advance for looking at the photos : always welcome the chance to learn from you guys. Max.
  6. Just a few pics. Mantas were active and beautiful to watch. More to come. Hope you enjoy. Max.
  7. Thanks guys; you're very generous, (sorry about accidentally uploading one image twice.) But yes, it was amazing to merely slip into the water and be witness to such breathtaking creatures. I was very very lucky indeed.
  8. Had amazing encounters with Humpbacks courtesy of "Conscious Breath" at the Silver Banks off the DR coast. Just some pics for your enjoyment and review. Safe diving. Max.
  9. Wow, Steve, thanks for the advice...I really like what you did with the manta. You say you used "Lightroom". I'm also a newbie to Photoshop CS4, of course. Do you suggest using Lightroom or can this also be achieved with Photoshop? I am happy to add some more pics since I don't have a website album. I'm kind of self conscious about the quality of my shots I guess.
  10. Hi Guys, So I'm still new to this, but wanted to post some photos I took on a recent Maldives trip. The trip was great, and this is only my third trip out with my camera, (Nikon 300, Sea and Sea housing, Sea and Sea 110a strobes, Nikon 12-24 lens). Be gentle with me
  11. What's your experience with the Nikon 18-55 lens? Oops, make that 17-55 lens.
  12. Hi, We were fortunate enough to dive off the live aboard Ocean Hunter 3,(Fish N Fins) ; wonderful ! They are definitely the best. Continued land based diving with Fish N Fins, from Palau Pacific Resort.
  13. Hi Guys, Dumb questions but how do we get t shirts and decals? Thanks. Max.
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