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I was born and live in Melbourne, Australia. The bulk of my diving is in nearby Port Phillip and Westernport Bays. Love sharing the amazing marine diversity that these southern temperate waters support. Most people, including the locals, don't have a clue of the treasures to be found under the surface here. I began taking photo's underwater to share the experience and add a new dimension to my diving. Started in early 2007 with a Fuji E900 in Ikelite with a single DS125 strobe. I was very happy with the images I achieved with that rig and enjoyed a good learning curve with it. In 2009 I upgraded to a Nikon D90 in Nexus. I can be found on most weekends somewhere underwater off the shores of Mornington Peninsula. I'm a keen naturalist and enjoy identifying and learning about the fascinating marine life I encounter.

James Peake.

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