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  1. Looks like the egg mass of a Pleurobranch. Jim
  2. So a couple of years on and this Instagram account continues to flourish by repeatedly violating copyright. Goes to show Instagram won't police its users and is complicit. There is a collective assumption that re-posting/sharing is not a breech of © It of course is. Also users seem to think that as long as they attribute they don't need to seek permission. They do! GRRRRRRR! Cheers, Jim.
  3. Whats your asking price for Housing and Dome only? Jim
  4. Does the Nikkor 16-35mm require the use of a diopter behind a dome? It sounds like the lens isn't correctly focusing on the virtual image. Cheers, Jim.
  5. Coconut Octopus in plain mode? Isn't showing the lines radiating out around the eye that a Day Octopus would have. Cheers, Jim.
  6. It's a full manual lens; focus and aperture. So not very practical for UW. Cheers, Jim.
  7. That's a good point about checking first if they are prepared to pay the appropriate dues. On request for image, usually via Flickr, I state that the image desired is available for licensing and ask for the print run/usage details. I also state they can deal direct or I can upload to where I have my humble collection of stock images; Alamy. If they want to deal direct I'll crunch the usage parameters through the Alamy pricing system for a similar image and round the price to what the image is valued to me. For example I had a recent image request for an old, low quality image and rounded down the price accordingly. They accepted and paid promptly and also agreed to send a copy of book once printed. Cheers, Jim.
  8. Do it! You know you want to! FX or DX, both are capable of rendering high quality images suitable for publication and wall prints. Any camera body has its pro and cons. Personally for me it ends up being a case of diminishing returns to consider moving to FX from DX. Factoring in body, lens and housing taking a FX camera underwater is a considerably more expensive proposition. Then of course is the increase in weight and volume. Also FX just about makes using a large diameter dome a necessity and I love compact domes. Of course if your pockets are deep its all academic. As I'm on a hiatus from diving the new D500 has huge appeal. Will definitely be picking one up to shoot the birdies with. If I don't house it I'm sure I'd be just as happy plonking my current D7100 in the water. Yes FX is a superior format in many ways, as far as resolution and added capabilities/functions in the bodies on offer. But UW aren't many of those advantages reduced and as pointed out previously it is very hard to pick up any increase in IQ with the naked eye. Cheers, Jim.
  9. Has there been any further commercial progress on Wide Angle conversion ports like the one Alex Mustard was trialing. That would tick all the boxes. Small profile, easy to cap and great optics. Cheers, Jim.
  10. Hi Liz, my 2c. Given that you're a dedicated Rock and Rust diver I think glass is probably a no go as it's only a matter of time before you'd ruin an expensive dome. Having said that glass is said to be more resistant to scratching. I guess if you went that way then some kind of plastic lid/cap could be useful to protect it when going through tight places. But then that's an extra bit of stuff to handle UW. RE Zen domes, I believe housing mounts can be interchanged not sure if you need to send back to have done. Best contact the folks at Reef for info. Cheers, Jim.
  11. I think you're missing the point here Don. It's one thing to see some Octopus species moving from one point of cover to another. But for a benthic species like a Mimic or Wonderpus to head up into water column goes entirely against the predisposition of such species. Its not that Octopus can't swim up, it just goes against there evolved form and behaviors. The few occasions I have personally witnessed an octopus free swimming were all due to it feeling under pressure. In all instances the octopus went to ground as soon as it could. Such instances are extremely rare to be a photo oppurtunity as they happen very quickly and the octopus nearly always are heading rapidly away, escaping. What is clear, is that competitors in such shootouts are under self made pressure to get wow shots in a short space of time. For some obviously the image comes before the needs of the subject being photographed. Shame if a website promoting underwater macro photography would actively promote an anything goes attitude. Even worse if it were to then suppress any discussion to the contrary. Cheers, Jim.
  12. Like most other FB related sites they do have a limp DCMA Copyright violation form to fill out- https://help.instagram.com/contact/539946876093520 As usual the onus is on the copyright holder to find and point out violations. The website/host distances itself from any onus to discourage or prevent such infringements from happening. Same as FB, Pinterset, etc, etc... Another annoying part of the Instagram reporting process is that they provide your contact details to the infringer. Cheers, Jim.
  13. Seems the site has an altogether more sinister purpose! http://wetpixel.com/articles/this-website-is-phishing-for-photographers Cheers, Jim.
  14. A quick look showed the site was Russian hosted. Both the contact address and telephone contact are bogus. Bit more googling- http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2015/07/08/creepy-website-is-stealing-images-selling-them-as-posters http://www.thephotoforum.com/threads/website-stealing-and-selling-images.386416/ Seems the whole site may just be a big fake- http://hxppy-bxddy.tumblr.com/post/124871558118/attention-the-whole-wallpart-thing-seems-to-be Cheers, Jim.
  15. As wide angle imaging is your strength and preference, sticking with a full frame DSLR makes the most sense to my mind. Coupled with your pre-existing kit and familiarity it, this makes it even more compelling. One could argue that starting with a compact underwater also makes good sense to cut your teeth on, but in this case I think your familiarity with the 5D2 should negate much of that. The dynamic range and speed of the SLR are huge pluses for wide angle. And then there's the all important glass. I'm sure you would feel quickly held back by the compact. Especially since you want "high quality images". Having said all that you will still find yourself photographically going back to the drawing board as you begin underwater. Light behaves very differently under the surface. One other thing to consider is what suitable lens do you already have? Plenty of great threads on this site that discuss the best Full Frame glass. Take your time in researching as there are plenty of caveats and compatibility pitfalls. Assuming that you are already a competant diver and will be doing a justifiable amount of diving; I would be looking at the second hand market for an alloy housing like Nauticam or Aquatica. Best of luck with your journey! Cheers, Jim.
  16. Wouldn't mind a better look at the gills. Certainly Chromodorid, does look good for Hypselodoris to me. H.zephyra is closest match I've seen so far. Cheers, Jim.
  17. Polycerid ✔ Polycera sp. Possibly a Kaloplocamus sp. ? Somewhere in that ball park. Cheers, Jim.
  18. I do understand that point. But to appear to accuse a photographer of fraud on a public forum without any proof? I completely disagree with the approach of the OP. I don't know Davide Lopresti and I don't follow the competition circuit, having only ever entered a handful over the years. I have no idea of the submission opening and closing times of the competions in question. If the OP is solely pointing the finger at competition organisers not vetting finalists as per their stated competition rules then there certainly is an issue with them and their application of rules agreed upon. My issue with the OP is the annonomous mud slinging. If they are sure of something, they could provide proof and have the courage of his/her convictions to do so in person. There is no clear proof other than inferrence that the entrant acted without conscience. Cheers, Jim.
  19. Lonelycat, I really do think that if you feel you need to point the finger or effectively name and shame someone you might do so openly rather than by an annonomous post. This will indeed appear catty and will most likely find you out in the cold. It is quite possible that your accused submitted the image to multiple comps at same time. Cheers, Jim.
  20. The 10-17 with a Precision Dome would be a really great combo for an Ikelite housing. Very compact. As for the 11-16 it's a rectilinear and will need to be used with a large dome 8" minimum, extension and probably a +2 dioptre. Refer to Ikelite and your supplier on what their recommendations for the the lens in their housing is. Cheers, Jim.
  21. My 2c. The EM5 is a proven peformer UW and housings can be picked up cheap as it is already old tech. Can't comment on your lens selection for it. Do a search and read the pages of threads about this camera. D3200 has a good sensor and is compact but it has no AF motor. If you want AF you are limited to only lens with internal AF motors. I think that housing a DSLR to just use a kit lens is counter intuitive and uneconimical as well. Cheers, Jim.
  22. I'm one that still folornly believs there is room for a Pro DX camera. Scuttlebut on Nikon Rumours still continues to fuel that hope. Also looking at it logically the 7200 was only an incremental update and the arrival of the 7DMk2 means Nikon has some catching up to capture the market for serious crop sensor users. But of course until it does materialize it still continues to be a Mythical Beast. Cheers, Jim. PS the 7200 fitting into 7100 housing may have well and truely scuppered my plan to pick up a 7100 housing 2nd hand!
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