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  1. Hi Can you give me some more info on the stingray, including a selection of pics from various angles. Is there a camera with the kit? Send it to my email at (grahampisco at sign for nospam yahoo.co.uk). No gaps. Cheers Graham
  2. Hi Todd If the deal is still available can you please send me some more photos of all the gear by pm. My email is grahampisco(atsignfornospam)yahoo.co.uk. How old is the housing? I have just sold the much larger l and m bluefin and need something as good but smaller. Thanks Graham
  3. Hi Do you still have the kit for sale? Graham
  4. Hi I have a Light and Motion Bluefin and Sony FX1 HD camera for sale. I've had it for about 1 year and it is in perfect condition. The kit includes lights, batteries, wide angle and flat port, 2 macro lenses and all the other gear in a pelican case. Although the kit is fabulous it's just too big for me. I live on a boat now and space is at a premium. I will consider a part-ex. I don't log on often so you can email me at graham pisco(there is no space)at sign Yahoo.co.uk. All one word with no spaces to avoid spam, if possible. I'm looking for around 5k gbp, which is quite a saving on new. I have some pics which I can email. Thanks Graham
  5. Hi I'm new to all this and I expect to be called an idiot for these questions. You're probably right. I shoot with a sony camera and edit with adobe premier pro. My files are massive, 30 mins 10 gig, and I know there is a way to end up with a smaller useable file but I don't know how. I also have a problem with the transitions flickering between shots. Is there a software package that will fix this? I have a basic understanding of premier so I would prefer not to start again. Any help or advice will be welcome. Thanks
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