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  1. Hi, Is this still available? Nauticam Zoom Gear for Nikon 16-35/f: $75 + shipping Best, Eduardo.
  2. Selling a used Sea&Sea YS-250 Pro strobe, includes battery, charger, 1" ball and all the stuff you see in the photos. Item is located in Chile, can be shipped worldwide. Price: USD 500.00 buyer pays shipment
  3. Thank you for your reply, would you please send me photos of the strobes? My email is: info@eduardosorensen.cl Regards.
  4. Hi, are the strobes in perfect working condition? Best, Eduardo.
  5. Hi Jake, would you please send me pictures of the YS-250 strobe? My email is info@eduardosorensen.cl Best, Eduardo.
  6. Hi Mike, That is weird, I did not receive your answer...my email is info@eduardosorensen.cl USD 500 for the strobe with charger and ball mount, let me know what you think. Best, Eduardo.
  7. Hi Mike, I sent you an email. Best.
  8. Hi, I do have one Sea&Sea YS-250 Pro strobe for sale with battery, charger and ball mount. Everything in very good shape and working perfectly. Strobe is located in Chile, but can send it worldwide. Best, Eduardo.
  9. Your welcome Tim, Marc Casanovas from SAGA Dive (Spain) has been using the 8-15mm + 1.4 Teleplus 300 DGX version on his D500 and Z7 bodies with very good results. You can see some image examples on his FB. Walt Stearns also uses the DGX version with great results too. Apparently DGX version is the way to go. Regards, Eduardo.
  10. Hi Tim, Concerning on the issue your are experimenting with this lens/TC combination, are you using the Kenko DG or the newer DGX version? I do have the DG version and does not work with my Nikkor 8-15mm, the newer DGX version apparently works fine. All the best, Eduardo.
  11. Hi Beth, Is the SMC still available? Regards, Eduardo.
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