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  1. Hi fellows photographers, my name is Ivan and I am based in Singapore. Aquatica AEM1MKII user and also working with an Aquatica authorised service center in Asia. Can we do a roll call of our fellow users around the world and which system you are currently using?
  2. Good day Chris, I do have one second hand #5510.24 Port Extension that one of my clients is looking to sell from Singapore. Will include a brand new #0132.41 o-ring. Port extension and o-ring is S$135/- + Paypal service fee of 4.5% + S$1/-. Shipping to Australia by registered post is S$20/-. Total with Paypal fee is S$155 * (4.5%+S$1) = S$162.98/- As you might know, any registered mail sent to Australia will not be trackable once it is handed over to Australian Post. I am not sure why either.
  3. Thank you Tim. Right after posting this, I received the contact for Vladimir as well and within the last hour, Harald wrote back to my email to say that they are closed this week for the National Holidays and will get back to me on Monday when they return to work.
  4. Greetings fellow photographers, I like to enquire with fellow photographers who are using Subal systems and how if any have they had any issues with their system go about getting it resolved. ‚ÄčA friend of mine / client purchased a brand new D800 for a real bargain a year ago but was unable to use it due to work. Only this year was he able to test the system and on his first dive, he reported that there was a leak in the housing. After returning the housing to me, I tested it in the chamber and found that after 8m, water was indeed leaking into the housing from one of the push button assemblies on the top left of the front housing. Needless to say, for a new housing that was not used, I took the conservative side and changed the o-rings on the push buttons assembly and tested it again. Alias, that did not work and this time I in the chamber, I was certain that the module that was holding the push button assembly (as seen in the photo) was leaking from the screw mount that holds the extenders in position. I tried messaging Subal via their Facebook page, emailed to Harald and also to their office@subal.com address but have not received any replies, though their FB messenger indicates that my messages were read. Contacted Alex Mustard too if he knew anyone there too but even that came to a dead end. The local dealers listed on their website have also told me that they do not deal with Subal nor stock any of their parts. All I like is to get a reply and purchase a replacement module shipped to me so that my friend is able to use his housing. Not asking for any warranty claim or anything if any. Neither does it sound economical to have the housing sent back from Asia to Europe just to have the module replaced. What are your thoughts about this?
  5. Items are still available. Apologies for the delayed reply as I was totally out and still am out of the diving circuit due to back injury.
  6. Thank you Leslie, I will look into the acoel worms to see if there are any other similarities and information. It is interesting to know that it is something not too observed due to it's size but when your waiting for a videographer dive buddy and looking around at a single spot, you tend to notice the smallest of things moving on the ground.
  7. Dear Leslie, I am afraid that I do not have any other images of the subject as I lost most of the images when my HDD crashed.
  8. Glad to hear that your strobe is working again.
  9. Interesting... thanks Jim. Will have to read up on the papers.
  10. It is not a nudibranch as it does not have any gills or rhinophores nor is it an underwater banana. It does crawl and is about 5mm in length. The head is on the left while the body is almost circular instead of flat. Shot in Mataking, Sabah, Malaysia in the day, at the depth of 12m. What could it be? I have initially asked around and one results I received was a juvenile sea cucumber. Can anyone verify and confirm? Appreciate your viewing and comments.
  11. Clearing some of my extra gears. Up for sale are the following TTL / digital TTL sync cords for Ikelite strobes. Item No. C001 Up for sale is a (1x) brand new (unused) spare digital single sync cord for Ikelite strobe. #4103.51 Purchased for SGD130/- Offer SGD100/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap, silicone grease, box with instruction manuals. Item No. C004 Up for sale is a (1x) used digital dual sync cord for Ikelite strobes. #4103.2 Purchased for SGD210/- Offer SGD50/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap. Please note that this cable cannot be used with Ikelite DS strobes on TTL. This sync cord is for film based camera housings or non-TTL housings. Item No. C005 Up for sale is a (1x) used digital dual sync cord for Ikelite strobes. #4103 Purchased for SGD130/- Offer SGD50/- (Neg.) Cable will be sold as it is with 1x connector cap. Please note that this cable cannot be used with Ikelite DS strobes on TTL. This sync cord is for film based camera housings or non-TTL housings. Recommended to change o-rings. I have personally checked these cables are in good working condition and able to trigger off Ikelite Strobe(s). Payment by Paypal, in Singapore dollars. Shipment will be from Singapore to worldwide. Items will be sold as it is.
  12. Actual images of items added for your reference.
  13. Looking to liquidate my personal spare accessories due to personal commitments and space constraints. For Hugyfot Users - Port Extension 20mm EXT-6.430 SGD250/- Port Extension 25mm EXT-6.273 SGD250/- Port Extension 30mm EXT-6.274 SGD250/- Port Extension 60mm EXT-6.432 SGD250/- All port extensions are new and have not been immersed in water. O-ring(s) as provided without box. Prices are in Singapore dollars and payment will be via Paypal. Will be happy to quote shipping rates via registered air mail from Singapore to your location via private message. Port Extension 20mm Port Extension 25mm Port Extension 30mm Port Extension 60mm
  14. - THE END! - That is all folks ... my dedication to Lembeh In Black. Thanks all for your comments and I do hope that you enjoyed viewing them. I will be making another trip in June 2008 to try my new rig there.
  15. To start 2008, I like to wish all in MDC Happy New Year by starting the season off with some of my images. I dedicate (slowly in this thread) my love for Lembeh, North Sulawesi Indonesia through these images. Note: *Please show some morals by not plagiarizing my works*
  16. Superb diving last Sunday.... C & C welcomed!
  17. now we need to find out how to remove scratches from multi-coated glass lenses.
  18. Ike was very helpful to me when I was about to embark on my research project studying on Manta rays in Bali. Sadly, my housing developed a crack on the base and needed urgent repairs. He not only stopped production on the line to manufacture a replacement housing, he also sent it via DHL just to get it to me on time; Making this project a successful one. My condolences goes out to the family and staff of Ikelite.
  19. Look for Sigma 4/3 macro lens as well.
  20. There are also 3rd party 4/3 lenses that's being launched soon. I have the information somewhere and will post it over the weekend. Merry Christmas to all!
  21. When are you stopping over? In town the shops don't close on Sundays. Give me a PM and let me know if your stopping over. I'll be around till the 30th December before flying off to Philippines. Can always meet up.
  22. That sounds awesome! It's good enough, 640 by 480 B&W stills will do. I'd need the underside shots of the mantas with dates and time it was taken. Will credit your name to the pictures as well. Your mantas will be assigned with a unique ID as well should they be once that I've yet to see. The website is currently being developed (In between my work on my own time). For those that like to see what is going on, this is the site, Flying Manta Project. I would appericiate it if this link be not circulated unless for contributions of images for the time being. Will officially announce once it is up and running with all the 'bugs' ironed out. Thank you all for helping.
  23. Jenny, Superb pic you have there. Admire the sharpness that the pictures turned out! Looking forward to seeing more pics from you.
  24. I am back in Singapore (After a last minute trip to Lembeh) and will be staying dry till the end of the year. 30th December to 15th January (Anilao) Philippines. Invitation is still open to meet up if anyone is coming this way. P.S. Just a thought, does a service for storage of underwater camera gears or diving gears here in Singapore makes things more easier for you guys coming from the West?
  25. I'm looking for underside images of manta rays taken from manta point, nusa penida, bali that can help contribute to the data base I'm building. Credits will be given to the photographer. B&W will suffice. Phase II of the project will be held next year in late Aug and any divers heading that way with a camera can most certainly help me ....
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