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  1. Thanks Steve (Ah, another desert dweller into UW photography, are we BOTH insane?) I'll try cleaning the contacts, but I'm a bit skeptical as I have the contacts uncovered for maybe 5 sec per lens change, and it's never touched anything (in my possession) but the camera contacts. I've had them both for about 7 months. Is there really opportunity for dirt here?
  2. Sorry I'm a bit late on an old thread, but I have had the Err99 problem repeatably on my 30D in an Ike housing. For me, it only occurs using the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro. This occurred in cold water on three separate dives, around 12ºC/52ºF. It is completely correctable by opening the housing and removing and replacing the battery. Main symptoms I saw, on 3 separate dives were autofocus not working, focus point selection not working, and in one instance, none of the left side buttons working (menu, playback, info, jump). None of the buttons or levers are inadvertently making contact. Cycling the camera's power on and off has no effect. The camera is usable if you can manually focus, but gives Err99 every few shots, requiring that you cycle power to resume working in this mode. I suspect it's a cold shock issue with this lens -- it only occurs on first introduction to cold water, only with that lens. After pulling and reseating the battery, there's no problem with the system, and it works fine for multiple dives afterwards.
  3. That's basically what I'm doing. I just spent my replace-the-computer money on a housing, so my 5yr old laptop will have to do for another few months. Being new to photography, I find that Gimp's 8-bit limitation is not likely the biggest problem with my images, and I can otherwise learn processing methods from using it. Cheers, Christophe
  4. I'm using Fedora Core 7, UFRaw to deal with my Canon RAW images (white balance, exposure, & contrast adjustment), and Gimp for other things like selective blurring, unsharp mask, dodge & burn masks. The downside to gimp is it can't deal in 16-bit color space, only 8-bit. If you can deal with that, you can't beat the price! cheers, Christophe
  5. The big beauty of the G9 is shooting in RAW -- you can set white balance to the prefab 'cloudy' or 'shade' setting and fine-tune it later (or quite a few other settings) without any loss of image quality. Of course, the better set up your shot is originally, the less time you spend futzing with it in post. Cheers, Christophe
  6. Today I reassembled the rig at home, dropped the strobe into a sink full of water (to dissipate some heat, is it bad to fire a strobe in air? Just a thought) and fired off a bunch of shots. I think maybe I was inadvertently mashing a button -- I'm a noob to this setup and I did notice that the '*' button control (autofocus, the way I'm configured) has a REALLY light touch, and I find I need to consciously thumb it off of the button to be sure it's off. The LCD definitely doesn't come on if that button's held down! I hope to dive the rig next week for more practice -- Meanwhile, I hope having this posted here helps someone else...
  7. Hi all, I just got an Ike housing, 8" dome, & strobe for my Canon 30D, took it to a pool to get it wet for the first time. I assembled the system at home before going to the pool. Throughout the course of my shots during the pool session, the LCD display was VERY slow to show each new shot, on the order of 5-10 seconds. The length of the delay varied from shot to shot. I always display the histogram & info onscreen, so it's not that the shots were just drastically underexposed & not lighting up the screen. There was no leak, no internal fogging, nothing wrong with the housing. Once back out of the water & out of the housing, the camera performed absolutely normally, displaying each shot with the normal half-second delay. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any ideas what's going on here? Cheers, Christophe
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