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  1. Looking for a second hand Ikelite DS50, with or without arms setup. Tray not needed. Price negotiable depending on w/ or w/o arms and item(s) condition.
  2. hmmm... heard about the wide angle restriction... so when you wanna take wide angle p hotos, you need to zoom in a little to prevent vignetting? with ikelite housing, you can use a dry wide angle lens with port leh... hehehehhee..
  3. ahhhh.. no wonder... TTL! your profile says you are using pt020 very nice exposure so if you buying ds125 you selling your ds50?? you have not good results in wide angle using this setup?
  4. nice exposure on the err.. bluey fish would have been better if the other bluey fish at the background werent there. you using what controller on your ds50? would love to see more of your pics, as i am looking for references on ds50
  5. thanks for your reply, ike double is fine with me, hehe... seems like manual controller is the safest bet .. someone just told me that the ev manual controller has a function allowing you to ttl... i read the website but i cant find any info like that.. :shock: pls tell me it is not true. i just need affirmation. no one with pics using c5050z (beat it, any camera) with ds50 n manual controller??
  6. hmmm.. though i dun have a strobe yet ..... i think there is still a difference. even with diffuser ds50 will not match in terms of angle, as it is 70 without diffuser, with diffuser probably about 80, which ds125 is 110. in terms of output.. diffuser doesnt strengthen the output. in fact, it probably cuts by half a stop at least, isnt it? and, having one strobe and two strobes are different as in even exposure, creative lighting, strobe placement etc. i think i understand where Rin is coming from, cos i had the same idea :wink: i would think one ds50 and one ds125 is pretty ok, though two ds125s of course would have a different impact. i havent tried it though (not even one strobe!) but just my reasoning
  7. eh... would you mind letting me play a bit with the manual controller as well? would appreciate if i can get a feel of it, and see how i like it.. thought you buying ds125? lovells would be lending me his ds50 with ttl slave sensor (working on a c5050z, though not so written on ikelite's compatibility chart)... ike, would you care to elaborate?
  8. hi fongwee actually my concern is not really how to use ds50, but how well it works, and with c5050z in particular thanks for your post though, should come in handy when i get the strobe finally :wink:
  9. after some explanation from a friend, i think basically the fibre optic is to direct the internal strobe to the sensor, to 1. prevent your flash from firing when others strobes fire near you 2. the sensor can sense your internal flash fire more accurately. you using ttl slave sensor? what camera? can you link your website here so that i can have a look at some pics?
  10. hi ike, waitin for your appearance... however, i do not comprehend the answer that you are trying to provide. so does the ttl slave sensor work with c5050z or not? if it doesnt, why does lovells's flash still able to fire? would appreciate if you can elaborate :wink:
  11. sorry, this only happen when you put the fibre optic cord as well, is it?
  12. thank you for coming in and further explain your settings, lovells, hehe. 8)
  13. photo taken by my friend using c5050z with ttl slave sensor, coupled with fibre optic cord http://public.fotki.com/lovells19/sipadan/26.html ok, i must admit i am confused and dont really understand. if ds50 doesnt work using ttl slave sensor on c5050z, did his strobe fire due to slave trigger by using the fibre optic cable? so does that mean ikelite strobes can use fibre optic to fire? but no control over strobe power?
  14. i just asked my friend, and he says that he adds a fibre optic cord, and is able to use the TTL slave sensor..
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