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  1. Hi eagleray, i'm using the 10bar housing for the gf1 and just brought it for a wkend dive in tioman. but don't think the pics are wetpixel worthy yet, perhaps after a few more trips. anyway, i find the ergonomics of the housing could be improved and never use the rear dial underwater. the reason is that the housing dial is spring loaded, and you need to push the housing dial in before it can engage the camera rear dial. And when you push it in, it acts as though you pushed in the rear dial and the setting changes. it is therefore very easy to press (change between SS and F), but rotating is a pain. I used the Q-menu button to change the settings underwater, more button presses, but it works always. Hope tt helps. SL
  2. Thanks, I actually more digging in Nudipixel after I posted the picture and I think I found a match, Durvilledoris pusilla. Shall see if any learned souls can confrim either guess. On the plus side, both species are in the Chromodorididae family...
  3. Hi, can anybody help to identify this nudi. I think it's a chromodoris, but can't identify the exact species. Size was about 7-8mm long. Thank!!
  4. To be more accurate, they started development on the housing... It's a tempting camera to upgrade to, but the price is putting me off... sigh...
  5. i'm sure there are more, just that they are pretty darn silent... just like me...
  6. Hi, I took the following picture at Lembeh just last week. Could someone advise on how best to remove the backscatter on this picture. I tried using dust and scratches filter on Photoshop, but I'm having trouble with the transition between the background water (which appears black) and the ground (which is dark sand). Picture was taken on fuji f31fd, f8, 1/60, iso200 with a inon d-2000. Thanks in advance.
  7. I did watch some coverage of the swimming events where the commentators said that there was a special track built at the bottom of the pool with a video cam and that provided all the underwater shots they screened. Guess it wouldn't be too hard to put a camera down on the same track...
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