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  1. Hi Søren, I have Transcend CF 400X 32G & Sandisk Extreme CF UDMA (60MB/s) CF 32G. No problem with both when video recording on 7D & 5DMK3(ALL-I or IPB). Btw, I i didn't try SD card on 5DMK3 yet. Hi again, Thanks a lot for your answer, i will try that card. Søren
  2. Hi EJ, Another wonderful video from you. I just bought a Canon 7D wit Sea and Sea housing, and wondered what kind of CF cards do you use. Is it important with the writing speed etc. for video. Thanks, Søren
  3. Hi Drew, Thanks for the answer. Yeah have looked a little around and looks like i have to modify the bulkhead to a HDMI. Søren
  4. Thanks, i will try to see if possible with some kind of bulkhead for a monitor. Søren
  5. Hi, Is it also possible to change a bulkhead in a Sea and Sea housing(Canon D7) for an external Monitor?? Thanks, Søren
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone know if it is possible to somehow connect an extern monitor to the Sea and Sea D7 Canon housing. Would it be possible to connect or change one of the adapter so it is possible to use it with some kind of bulkhead for a Monitor. Thanks, Søren
  7. No, only with the Sony AU1/AE1 because the housing is made for that model. The Sony AU1 is considered a Professional camera, when the HC1 is a consumer model. PM me if you have more ?? on info@dykvideo.dk Søren
  8. Yes on the right side of the Bluefin housing is a bottom for manual White balance. Feel free to ask if you have more ??? Søren
  9. New Prices. 600 Euros for Housing with 65´Widelens and 1 Macrolens and also the Topmounted Monitor. 1200 Euro With the HID 21 Watt 990 Lumens. Burntime 40 min. 2 extra batteries. + Shipping. Thanks, Søren
  10. I think you can read it somewhere, i believe it is Backscatter, where you can read which housings are compatible. Is it possible to change a bulkhead to a HDMI bulkhead on any DSLR housings aswell?? Søren
  11. Bluefin Housing Light and Motion for Sony AU1/A1E.(Camera not included) Comes with 65`lens and a macrolens. Also topmounted Monitor. Price: 900 Euro + shipping With 2 x 21 watt HID Sunray lights(1000 lumes) and 2 extra batteries and Flexarms. Everything comes in a Pelicase(only when buying the system with lights) Price 1500 Euro + shipping Feel free to ask questions. Søren
  12. Thanks again. Yeah that is my big issue about all kind of lenses and which to choose in-between. But it all sound pretty good and i may start with 2 kind of lenses and go for that, and hopefully it will work. I think it would maybe be the future marked, so we(us who have been use to use Camcorders in Housings with 1 Wide and 1 Macrolens ??)will adapt;-))) I am very pleased and happy for all your answers. Cheers, Søren
  13. Hi Jack, Beautiful, thanks a lot for your description and details about this System. I would love to get my hands in that system, the only thing that worries me is all those domes and lenses to choose between. I am use to my Wideangle and macro lens on a Bluefin housing, but will love to learn more about to shoot with different options. Thanks again. Søren
  14. Thanks for the advice Simon. Yeah looking forward to see the new Amphibico housing for FS100, it will deffently be my first choice, depending on the prices for Housing with domes and lenses for camera;-) What would be the most common lenses to choose for the FS100, if i am use to camcorder with a Wide angel lens and a Macrolens from Light and Motion.?? I would love to do some more shooting in Lembeh, especially the Frogfish and The Mantiscrimp. But at the same time shooting Whales in the Arctic;-)) Cheers, Søren Hi Soren The EX1/R has a good track record for broadcast with an external capture device and Gates make a housing with space included inside to put in a Nanoflash. You really couldn't go wrong with that. I'm hoping to get the FS100 underwater myself very soon and with its low light abilities and virtually zero noise at high gain/ISO it could very well be one of the best underwater cameras to hit the scene for years. I've talked to Equinox and BS Kinetics about housings but my favourite option right now looks to be from Amphibico who are about to release a very good looking spec housing at the end of this month. You will be able to use Aquatica ports so there should be lots of different options for using various lenses and they are also working on a nifty addition of using the Atomos Ninja as an external capture device and external monitor. Of course there is also the Scarlet or C300 if budgets can be extended.... Having said all of the above what exactly are you looking to use the camera for? I've had no problem selling HDSLR footage for broadcast and only a couple of weeks ago I sold a couple of minutes of HDV footage for a Discovery HD production. You really don't need to comply with the 50mpbs capture requirements unless you are looking to provide the bulk of the footage for the production or are going for a commission yourself.... Hope this helps. Cheers, Simon
  15. Hi out there, I would like to know if anyone have any recommendation on which Videosystem to choose for Broadcast/TV or if anyone have some experience shooting video with the new Sony FS100 or Panasonic AF100 underwater?? Also housings for those 2 system, does not seem to be many?? Any recommendation on the B.S. Kinetics for the Sony FS100?? I am loking to upgrade but find it hard if to choose 1 of those 2 Camcorders with interchangeable lenses or go for a "normal" camcorder. Thanks, Søren
  16. Price droped to 2200 Euro + shipping.
  17. I sell a Light and Motion Bluefin-housing with the Sony AU1R Camcorder. It comes with 1 x Lens 65`wide and a Macrolens, swell a top mounted Monitor 4:3. 2 X HID Lights Sunray 21 Watt. Burntime 35-40 minutes. Extra Batteries for the Lightpods and extra battery for the Camera. The Gear comes in a black Pelicase. Camera serviced for 300 € in November 2011. Total cost: 2500 €uro + shipment. Feel free to ask Questions. Thanks, Søren Petersen
  18. Hi again, True, my fault, just read it to fast. Søren
  19. Hi, Is it sold, and would it be possible to see some photos of the gear?? Are there any scrathes on the lens?? Hi all For sale: Gates Housing for Z1, Fathom SWP 44 superwide lens, external monitor, Z1 camera, large Explorer peli case - excellent working order; as used in many broadcast shoots including BBC. Offers around £4,500 Sterling for the lot. UK-based. Happy to answer any queries Cheers JMc
  20. Yeah, thanks. I will bring it to the local Sony technician, so hopefully there can clean it or whatever it need to be done. Søren
  21. Nice wreck, heard alot about it. Really nice and steady camerawork;-) Best regards, Søren
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