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  1. Hi, Yeah would have been pretty sad, but on the other hand if i did not managed, i would have to go back there soon(-; Anyway, I will go back to Lembeh and will highly recommend this wonderful diving. Søren
  2. Hi again, Yes i tried to rewind the tapes on another camcorder and managed to get all 12 tapes captured. I also cleaned my sensor with a cotton pad. It keep on telling me to take out the tape, but after many hours and cleaning cassete, clean of the little sensor and rewinding tapes on another cam it finally succeded. Thanks for your answers. Sørenn
  3. Hi, I was just 14 days in Lembeh Island, and did some pretty amazing dives there, what an amazing place. I had some moisture problems with my Sony HVR AU1 camera, but find out and "lost" only 2 dives without camera. When i came home i captured some of the tapes, but half of the tapes just show a black screen when i playback, but i can see the pictures when i forward the tape fast. Is it anyone who had this issue before or maybe know what can cause this "black screen".?? Thanks in advance, Søren
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks again for your answers. Yes, that was the batterytime are about 35 min, and on a good day maybe 40 min. I really do like the HID light, but I will switch to LED sooner or later. Yes, I do more or less all my shootings with MWB, and i can imagine that the black sand im Lembeh makes it a bit easier than white/grey sand, when we talk about burning out the background of your subject. Cheers, Søren
  5. Hi Simon, Thanks for your answer, i will see when i go there. It´s just that i film with HID pro lights 21 w from LM and they only due 35 min!! I usually also shoot in Denmark with little visibility and offcourse depends on how the divesites are, i usually choose when i am in the water on how much i use the lights, and offcourse also depending on how deep you go. Best regards, Søren
  6. Hi, I just love my forcefins, have the pro fin, and have many times followed up in currents in the surface with the guys who had other kind of fins. Søren
  7. Hi Kaj, Thanks for your answer, and thanks for sharing all the good videos you made from Lembeh. Søren
  8. Hi, I am going to go 14 days to Lembeh at Two fish resort and do 13 days of diving in Lembeh. I bring my videogear with me, and would like to now if you need light on all the video you do there, i am thinking of batterytime etc. Do anyone have experience with how much you need the light for filming in Lembeh. Thanks, Søren
  9. Hi Darek, Beatiful, looks like you almost have all on that trip. I really enjoyed the editing between the schools of fishes and sharks.(-: Søren
  10. Hi, Wow, de er bare så fantastiske, ohh sorry danish(-; So amazing shots,, Søren
  11. Dear liquidguru, Thanks alot for your answer on my questions, I hope to go to Lembeh for a few weeks in autumm, so i will bring both lenses, thanks. Søren
  12. Hi there, Very nice stuff. Can anyone give a recommondation on which lense to use when you go filming in Lembeh, is it only macrolenses or ?? Thanks, Søren
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