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  1. This new attempt of extorsion is not acceptable. The goods will be temporarily in the country. They will not be resold in the country. The carnet they mention has nothing to do with this : " Carnets can always be used instead of the US Registration of Goods form (CF4455) to avoid import duties when returning to the US " so no, its when you are coming back to the US, not for Mexico. This is BS. For me it is simple, I will not go to Mexico, I will go to other countries. With this extorsion they don't deserve my money, therefore I will go to plenty of other places...
  2. Nice build, they even lowered the price, here are my comments I believe this is the cheapest way to go into underwater photography, including bags like opteka. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat...8765&page=2
  3. like a winner !! This will make all underwater housing manufacturers stop being so greedy! I can't wait !!
  4. Since you are dreaming of doing this modification ... is this what you are looking for ? Before we get too excited, this is just a recreation (too much time on my hands?) of what would be the ideal U/W camera for me. 8 megapixels, ITTL, backward compatible with old nikonos lenses, and a new set of lenses including AF10mm F2.8, AF10-20mm F3.5, AF 50mm macro with built in ringflash, etc . It features Live preview and a extremely short shutter lag. The camera has underwater white balance mode, including depth white balance, full wireless configuration with the new SB110ITTL as master slave and can drive many other slaves, including other brands, Backwards compatible with DTTL, and TTL and AA . Flash synch all the way up to 1/500. 30 custom settings. The camera kit is priced at $1295. Cant I dream?? Come on nikon... you can do it.
  5. Please critique my photos, I need your comments to improve my photography underwater. Go to page 3, there is where the underwater album is at. Thanks !! http://www.hondurasart.com/gallery/rhandal
  6. Well I am starting to see all the manufacturers making housings for the d70. I would like to mention something. I think that it would be great if a manufacturer makes a housing considering the use of the built in flash, but before I get critized for this comment, I would like to mention why : a) underwater digital housings for DSLR are very expensive, so unless you got big bucks or do this for a living, is very hard to justify spending so much money on a housing + domes + flash etc. so I think that if someone but the housing and "started" using the camera and it had this feature, I am sure that it would help for some photographic situations. I know , an external flash would do a better job, but I think that this flash is better than NO flash !!!. B) in the case of the D70, this camera has a special feature, it has a wireless Ittl mode, that allows the camera to control wirelessly all flashes, so I think that whoever makes this housing and offers low cost housings for nikon's sb600 and sb800 will make a killing !!!! In order to control de flashes wirelessly, the flash itself has to be up, in the ready position, you can control it so that you can turn off the camera flash but still talk to the other flashes. How about if you price this housing for $799 with dome for 18-70mm?? So, what are you waiting for? make the housing to include usage of the built in flash !!! if this has been discussed before sorry for posting or if a manufacturer has come up with this already pardon my ignorance !! your comments are appreciated.
  7. Well, after many years of yearning for a digital camera/ underwater housing combo, I choose the cheap / small way, I selected the s400 compact camera and its propietary housing. Very small combo, very light weight, here are my impressions. First a little background, I have had experience in Film with cameras like a nikonos and a Nikon n70 w/ housing. My digital experience includes nikon dslr cameras, but it sickens me how manufacturers are taken advantage of us. The prices for DSLR housings are just a robbery even when compared with SLR housings, I agree there is more buttons but it should not be double the price. Well thats that ! back with my review. The canon s400 is a 4 megapixel camera, very compact and takes my regular CF cards, I put in a 1 gb chip, and to be honest, I was very happy with the camera topside, I felt I will not have any problems with it underwater. The combo price was about the cheapest available in the shop I purchased from. Once underwater, I REALLY enjoyed the fact that I had 1GB chip in it. and Wow, what a pleasure to use a AF digital camera underwater !! I custom light balanced with a white plastic card as often as I could. The built in flash helped a little but the water had to be perfect , no particles floating otherwise the backscatter was horrible. But an and all I am glad I was able to use the built in flash, I had the choice. Before going underwater, I put an antifog liquid on the inside of the lens part of the housing, and once I put the camera inside I put 2 very small silica bags to help out humidity. I found my self having to turn off the camera quite often because of the heat generated by the camera was causing even with all precautions some fogging on the lens. This solved the problem. So between swimming from one coral "section" to another, I would turn off the camera. That simple. Shutter lag : initially as I mentioned, I thought that it was not going to be an issue, because topside it did not bother me... but underwater... oh my ! I got a lots of fish tails !!! NOW I understand the comments of members of this forum, Wow. I would now love a faster response, cheap setup (oh oh the story continues !!!) but really, I am pretty much happy. Geez, how often do I go underwater? not very often, just a few times a year. I ended up using the camera on ISO 400 almost all the time, looking back this was a bad mistake, grain at that speed , with this camera, is pretty bad. But this speed was necessary, specially taken pictures with available light. I am still very pleased with my results, considering that I only was in Roatan for 2 days. here is my site, go to page 3, I have posted some photos. Thanks so much for everyones help and sorry for my long post, it is my first one !! http://www.hondurasart.com/gallery/rhandal
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