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  1. Hi Jans,Is the zoom gear still available for the tokina? I would be interested, regards Nicolas
  2. Hi Steve, PM/email sent, few questions to sort out but i am interested, Regards Nicolas Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. That reminds me so much of the venerable D300 announcement 8 years ago! I haven't been as excited by a camera announcement since then... Till today! What a great news, almost crying... Or am i hearing my bank account? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Got it thanks :-) Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Yes and i presume the 10.5 also focuses faster than the tokina, have you noticed it? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. You mean it looked softer on D7100 than on D7000 m when looking at 100% zoom right?I couldn't see how the image as a whole (viewed on same screen size and resolution) coule look better on D7000, unless maybe you had a focus problem on the D7100? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Looks like you guys who moved to FX are just fine with fixed focal fisheye (sigma 15mm), so i should be able to survive DX with the equivalent nikon 10.5mm. Though i am not diving frequently enough (to my taste), so i'd enjoy the 10-17mm which would give better chance to not waste that one-time shot opportunity... Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Great extra info thanks :-) Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Thanks Alexx :-) Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. So nice of him to share, i'll definitely try those :-D Is it supposed to fit also mode dial or power output dial only? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for these feedback megtooth, appreciated! I don't know how long you've been shooting both, but looks like the extra refinements of your 5D housing didn't make it less reliable :-) Any other feedback appreciated! Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Hi there, Years ago (2012) people have raised concerns with the visual complexity of Nauticam housings when looking inside (long mechanical links which allows some controls to be deported far away from original position on camera body). 3 years later it would be interesting to know whether these have proven to be a weak point for anybody? Cheers Nicolas
  13. Hi there, A very interesting thread - could someone just advise why choosing to use a teleconverter over a diopter, whereas diopter would offer the flexibility to be removable while in the water?
  14. Ok so good handles could balance the lack of handstrap, i need to see those more closely. Thanks Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. Interesting feedback!Can you advise which nauticam housing models yo've used? And what made you decide to switch from Subal to Nauticam despite the lack of hand strap? Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  16. Looks like you've been spoiled Tim ;-) I didn't know Subal had hand-straps since that long, i thought it was recent! Moreover, with a hand strap you might even remove the right handle on dives when you'd want to shoot lots of verticals, and it would allow you to get as low as possible (sticking your right hand in the sand). I like Nauticam's ergonomics, too bad they don't offer hand straps on DSLR housings... yet?
  17. hi folks! I am wondering whether somebody has analyzed how the venerable Tokina 10-17mm behaves on 24 MP APS-C sensors? Of course this won't be worse than the previous 16 MP generation (referring to Nikon's D7000), but i am wondering to which extent it takes advantage of the extra 8 MP of resolution? DxO marks is a good source of information but unfortunately they didn't test this lens (at least on D7100/D7200). Alexander Mustard's reviews are also a great information base, but during his D7100 review he didn't have a chance to shoot the 10-17mm. Any experience to share? thanks in advance Nicolas
  18. Hello Wetpixel! I'd like to initiate a discussion on the benefits of hand straps for DSLR housings and discuss on which housing brands they can be found. I started shooting with hand strap on my Hugyfot D7000 housing some years ago. My feedback on this setup: their housing design is actually all made around this concept, it starts with the rounded shape of the housing, goes with the hand strap itself, and continues with the shutter positioning (a very nice level that you gently pull back: this design helped ensuring your hand would stay stuck to the housing, very neat design. It helps the housing being very stable when pulling the trigger. Then i down-sized to an Olympus OM-D EM-5 in an Nauticam EM-5 housing, one of the reason being that Nauticam offers a hand strap option on most of their compact and "mid-sized" housings (mirorless). You can easily find these on popular photography shops. My feedback on this setup: very nice too, i really love hand straps, though the shutter design on the housing its a bit less comfortable (press-down). However it allowed me to get rid of the right handle, making it a very compact setup, very easy to pack! Whatever the implementation, i think a hand strap is something great for us underwater photographers as we often need to use our left hand for something else, and then: -a hand strap makes you confident your housing won't fall even if you're busy with something else (no need to hold tight, your hand is held tight) -housing stability when pulling the trigger or pressing a button/lever: with a hand-strap i think you wouldn't have the issue reported by Alex Mustard during his Nauticam D-750 review (impossible to use thumb focus when holding housing one-handed): http://wetpixel.com/articles/field-review-nikon-d750-and-nauticam-na-d750/P2 So i am a big fan of these hand straps, and wouldn't want to shoot without them. That's where the issue comes: like many of you i am investigating how to spend the money i don't have in a new rig (Nikon DX housing), and the lack of hand strap options limit my choices. In my opinion, hand straps are offered on following D-SLR housing brands: -Hugyfot (design described above) -Subal: hand-strap attached to the housing right-handle directly What about the other brands? Sadly i can't find such an option on Nauticam housings, and i don't think Aquatica or other brands offer it. Thoughts? Who would be interested in having more of these available? cheers Nicolas
  19. Hygyfot seems to offer adapters for multiple housing brands too Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  20. Hi Walt, Interesting comment as i am considering canon (have been nikon/olympus so far): do you mean that even by shootiny fully manual with strobes like inon Z240 you cannot setup 2nd curtain sync??? Why would that be? Nicolas Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  21. Ok very interesting :-) Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  22. Thanks Paul for the feedback! Thinking through it, i am guessing the Photo magazine that i mentioned may not have tested the D7200 autofocus in low-light, which could be why they didn't see any improvement over the D7100. Also, could you share what kind of autofocus setting you're using? How well is AF-C working?
  23. Very interesting discussion! Once again i am in the shoes of the guy who's wondering how to spend the money he doesn't have on expensive underwater gear... So my mind wanders around a Nikon DX camera, and i discared FX because of the bulk of large housing + large domes. Back to Alex's original experimentation on corrector lens, i understand the main targeted benefit is to get better corner sharpness than on a dome port. Another benefit that i foresee is the more reasonable travel size/weight: i would presume the corrector lens to be much smaller & lighter than the 9" super dome, am i right? I'd be interested in the difference in weight. I am also wondering whether the concept could apply to DX rectilinear lenses, any reason why not? cheers Nicolas
  24. I am wondering whether divers who upgraded from D7100 to D7200 experienced a significant improvement on autofocus? The specs show 1 stop improvement, but a reputable photo magazine that i read just saw no difference at all vs D7100. Also, they reported that D7200 didn't include the grouped AF sensors feature which apparently helps a lot with subject tracking, and is present on other recent nikon dslrs. Cheers Nicolas
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