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  1. I think I remember hearing that some people think they aren't as good as an UW strobe for main lighting. Also I don't think the slave sensor/wireless control would function under water. However, none of this may be true. I am interested in opinions on just using 2 sb-800s as main lighting though if you could keep TTL function.
  2. While I was cruising the Subal port selection page, most of the wide angles from Canon and Sigma can fit under the Fisheye Port. So I can use a fisheye, wide prime, wide zooms, and a few others. All I need to change is extension rings and diopters. I think that Canons fisheye is supposed to be a top notch performer. Most people complain about the 14mm ($1800) and the 16-35 ($1300) to me, paying almost 2 grand for a lens and not having good performance isn't that useful. But I also think that somepeoples expectations are a little high for such a wide lens. Alex, that flourescence article is super interesting.
  3. The close focus is 7.9" for anyone who may be interested. The Subal site says a +2 diopter and EXR40 to work properly. Andrew
  4. It's too bad about the Canon wide angle lenses, I know they are not great on the edges. Maybe someone can figure out how to put Zeiss and Leica lenses in a UW housing and operate the apeture. The more I think about using the fisheye UW, I think that having too much in the frame could be a problem. I know working on land I don't like superwide lenses as it makes it very difficult to frame the picture properly. Too much unwanted stuff gets in the frame. I think I'll probably get the 20 1.8 and the fisheye Subal dome, that way if I want to use the 15 fish, I'll have the port already. I do want to use a prime due to the fact that I want the better image quality and loose a little bit of the versitility. Thanks for all the advice
  5. I'll check out the fisheye, do you think a 20mm prime would be wide enough on full frame? I know I'm getting the 1DS2 in the spring, its my motivation to get into grad school! Plus I will be using this lens a lot above water and I don't know if I want to deal with the fisheye perspective all the time.
  6. I will shortly be getting a Subal housing and setup for my 1D2 (and in a few months a 1DS2). I have macro covered, but I need some suggestions on wide angle options. I don't know what lenses are wide enough for UW use. I was thinking either the Sigma 20 1.8 or the Canon 24 1.4 for primes and possibly the 16-35 2.8. I have heard serious conflicting reports on the quaility of the zoom, so that's my last choice. I know there is a huge difference in price, but lets not worry about that. Also if there is anything else that I'm missing let me know. Andrew
  7. I should probably have put some sort of joking text in with that one. It was a long day. The correct term would also be Loricariidae.
  8. I guess with all these glowing Seacam reviews I'd be doing myself a disservice not to check it out. Now that I'm in Fl, I guess I'll be taking a trip down to Key Largo to check them out at Frink's place. With the S180 does anyone think there might be a problem with the viewfinder being a little to dim? I might upgrade to the 16-35, mostly for the reason that this lens seems to take the same port at the superwide lenses, while the 17-40 does not. That's what I remember, but I'm on dial-up for a few days here and I don't have hours to go check on my facts again. I think I'll be going with the Inon strobes, mostly for the smaller size. Thanks a lot for the help.
  9. i'll definitely consider the 24 1.4, or maybe the Sigma 14 2.8, 20 1.8 after the shock of this purchase goes away. I also don't think that the 24 would be wide enough on the 1D series, but when I get the 1Ds2 I think that would work out a little better. I think I am leaning towards the Subal at the moment. I find it odd that for $5500 the seacam doesn't offer access to all of the buttons on the camera. I also really like the look of the Subal, plus I can more easily afford the Subal plus the magnifying finder. Also for strobes I am thinking dual Inon Z-220F with some Ultralight arms. Is there any reason why you would use a Seacam over a Subal? I understand that they are both basically the pinnacle of housing design, with Seacam being a little higher. The only think I could think of is the felt stuff inside and the moisture alarm (which can be added to Subal). But I really don't think it's worth $900, plus the finder is another $600 over the Subal finder
  10. does anyone know where to get Subtronic strobes and information?
  11. thanks a lot for the links, they're super helpful.
  12. I'm starting to figure out a setup for my 1D2 and eventually a 1Ds2 and I don't know too much about some of the top of the line housings. I am considering either the Subal system or the Seacam system. Has anyone used either one, and what would be the difference in operation between these two systems? I know that the Seacam is a little more expensive, but if its decidedly better I have no problem spending the extra money. The lenses I plan on using are the 100 macro and 17-40. Also if I can use the same port, I am considering the 15mm fisheye. Any experience here? Strobes are something I know little about as well. I have use DS-125s in the past and they were good but not great. I was thinking about Inon strobes, but have no idea what models are highly regarded or any other manufacturers that are good. This is probably the last UW housing setup I will buy for many years with the capabilities of the 1Ds2, so I want to do this right. I am moving to Fl so I will get a lot of use out of this housing and want it to be as good as possible. Thanks so much for answering my many questions.
  13. flawless condition 60mm macro. lens is in perfect shape, no marks on the body or glass. a 9.5/10. this is a US lens. $300 shipped.
  14. used for about 20 dives never flooded and the electrical connections are all as good as new. charger is included. $375 shipped.
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