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  1. Hi there, Would you mind posting some pictures? Thanks! Kyle
  2. Yes, HCIdiver was easy to sell too, glad housing went to a good home!
  3. Selling my used but in great condition SmallHD DP-4 monitor + Nauticam housing. I used this to monitor video off of GH4 / A7 setups. Worked great for a little extra screen space to nail focus and allowed access to edge and exposure peaking functions, but honestly I mostly used it to increase the volume of my video systems for significantly more stable video. (Yes, the monitor shade on the housing is installed upside down in the photos, I used it flipped). Housing allows access to all controls, and the monitor is powered off two Canon LP-E6 batteries (I am including 4 Wasabi LP-E6 equivalents that work well, & charger) Monitor housing also has leak alarm. Housings with M16 ports are compatible, you will need to purchase the Nauticam HDMI bulkhead for your camera housing. What's Included: •Nauticam NA-DP4 Monitor Housing with attached HDMI cable •Small HD DP4 4.3" LCD Monitor •4 Wasabi LP-E6 batteries •ACCESSORIES: topside monitor shade, protective monitor travel case, various HDMI to mini HDMI cords, original manual, DC power for monitor and others. $450 - buyer pas shipping and insurance. Located in San Diego, California. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Selling my used 12-50mm port for the Olympus 12-50mm lens. Port is in good working condition, has a couple scuffs (see photo) on port, but due to the longer-focal length of the associated lens it doesn't show up in photos. - $225 This is just the port without the zoom gear for the 12-50mm. I sold that a while ago, but kept this port as it worked for me with the 60mm macro lens and gave me focus control. Can throw in the Nauticam focus ring for the Olympus 60mm macro lens if it's of any use. Located in San Diego, California - buyer pays shipping and insurance. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. Hi all, Selling my used Nauticam housing for Sony A7II/ A7Sii / A7Rii. Works perfectly, never been flooded. Used on various professional film shoots to great success, but have since upgraded. Some minor scuffs on eyepiece, a few tiny scuffs on LCD viewing area, and a couple minor scuffs on bottom where I had it mounted for tripod work. Two optical bulkheads, one nikonos-style bulkhead I used for Inon strobes, and the Nauticam vacuum port (fully functional and awesome to use, displays as red-yellow-green light). $2000. Also have the Nauticam adapter for Nikonos lenses, works like a dream. $300 (Photo has 15mm Nikonos attached, I'd rather not sell lens unless you really want it). As an aside, I have to say that the 20mm Nikonos lens is utterly stand-out on the a7 system. The 15mm is good, but the 20mm is magic. If you pick this up, I'd recommend finding one... Located in San Diego, California - buyer pays shipping and insurance. Let me know if you're interested!
  6. Looking for a couple used Keldan Luna 8s, let me know if you have a couple you're looking to sell!
  7. bump, anyone interested? Willing to let it go for $180.
  8. Selling my Nauticam zoom gear for the Olympus 12-50mm lens. The zoom gear allows to switch between electronic zoom and macro mode on the lens. Pretty great little zoom gear if you're using the 12-50mm underwater. Has all necessary parts, rings, inserts and screws. The port goes for $500 new or so but I'm pretty open to offers.
  9. My Zen DP-170 Port (http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=6302) that I was using with the 7-14mm & GH4 recently met the rough end of a shark cage. It's nicked in a couple spots (see pictures), but I figured I'd throw it up here and see if anyone was interested. I shoot video so it's pretty tough to photoshop the blemishes out, but for stills it's manageable. Worse when shooting directly into the sun. Open to offers! For what it's worth I also have a nicked Panasonic 7-14mm (separate incident), if anyone is interested in taking both to get a pretty cheap setup for wide stills.
  10. Would you be willing to sell the monitor and housing separately?
  11. I'm looking for a used Nauticam NA-DP4 housing monitor for the smallHD 4.3" monitor. If anyone has one, feel free to post here or PM me. I'm in California.
  12. Hey Guys! Has anyone figured out a way to lower the output of the little clip-on flash, so that I can fire with flash in more rapid succession? I'm feeling limited by the refresh rate (feels like 2-2.5 seconds but I couldn't find a stat) of the on-board flash, since the strobes can definitely fire much faster then that. Would love any suggestions!
  13. Hey guys, been keeping up with the thread trying to decide what lens to get next... I went with the 8mm Panasonic and I'm already loving it. 4.33" dome instead of the 3.5" so I could at least TRY some over-unders, and I really wouldn't have saved much space by going with the smaller dome. Anyways, just managed to get it wet snorkeling this weekend - here are some shots!
  14. Hey Elastek, I LOVE the one of the school of jacks looking up towards the light. So much emotion in that shot in particular, it's wonderful.
  15. I recently received the 12-50 port and it's a nice piece - perfect for what I'm looking for, allows me to keep a really low profile and carry around only one lens and one port with me everywhere I go. I probably lose some quality but the extra opportunities / adaptability it allows me is worth it. I'll get it in the water with some pelagics soon and will post the results, but here are some from this summer (Reef was kind enough to lend me a 14-42 in the meantime!) I had some problems with my z240 this year and so was strobe-less for the season, so all the photos are ambient light (except the sculpin - was lit up with a dive light) and just bumped ISO. High ISO performance is great, the tuna was darting in and out and I was at around 30 feet, but still managed to freeze him with decent quality. None of the photos are cropped, all post processed: (it was a very pinniped-heavy year) Overall I'm very pleased with the camera, the IBIS system is awesome for doing any kind of active video shooting, and the whole rig (camera PLUS housing) is light and small enough for me to even take backpacking (something I would never have considered with my old 40d/hugy). I had a bit of buyers remorse after comparing video specs on similar 4/3 cameras, but I'd have to say the image stabilization was the deal sealer after the results came through - I can walk around canyons and trek through water and with a little bit of effort the footage comes out as if on a moving pan-head. You can imagine the same benefits this results in underwater.
  16. Any idea when the 12-50 is shipping out??
  17. Yes, prices are negotiable - sorry for the long response I just got back into town. Feel free to PM me tiburon
  18. I'm in san diego california- so I can definitely ship to florida!
  19. Although it breaks my heart, I'm selling my 40D Hugyfot rig just 'cuz I can't afford to keep it. The package is pretty much a full set-up, although I am willing to part it out if need be. Package deal price = $3200 -Hugyfot 40D Housing (AWESOME condition, absolutely love this housing - so ergonomic and compact compared to my previous Ikelite. A real joy to dive with.) - $1350 -Hugy-check moisture alarm -TTL converter -comes with Hugy-pump, all allen keys, and extra Hugy-check batteries -only sign of wear is the superficial scuffing on the strobe-head ball joints -Hugyfot FEP 6.608 Dome port + cover + extension + gear + silicone for 10-22 lens (LIKE NEW, used on 2 dives!) - $700 (retails 1000) -allows for manual focusing -Canon 40D Body (just back from Canon Factory Service, $225 infamous ERR99 fixed and now good to go!) - $400 -comes with 2 batteries + charger -Canon service just gave this a whole new shutter assembly -Good condition, only sign of wear is the superficial scuffing of ISO button - still works juuust fine (from the Ike housing it used to reside in) -Canon EF-S Macro lens - 60 mm - F/2.8 (great condition, includes front/rear cap, Canon hood, and UV filter) - $325 -Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM (also great condition, includes front/rear cap, UV filter AND a Marumi Circular Polarizer) - $700 -Also have the silicone gear ring for the 60mm macro lens, although I never scrapped up enough to buy the flat port - $20 Prices are negotiable, and if you're interested in more pictures or information on anything email me at kylemcburnie@gmail ! I'm located in San Diego, California - buyer pays shipping in US, if interested internationally we can figure something out. Thanks! Kyle
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