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  1. thanks for the reply bill. was doing a bit of digging last night and it appears that there is some difference between the 2 interfaces re voltages etc, so what i thought might've been easy doesn't appear to be the case. looks like i need to get nik strobes unless there is such a magic box of electronics that does the job (i know there is something that will allow nik strobes to convert to the 4 pin sea & sea connector on mm2 cameras etc). think i'll have a chat with mike at mikedive.de as this sort of thing is right up his alley.
  2. hi all, anyone know if a convertor exists that will allow me to use my sea & sea strobes (type S - the 4 pin sea & sea connector) with a bit of kit that accepts only nikonos (5 pin) strobes. don't really want to have to start again as i've got 3 ys60 ttl/s strobes already, but no nik ones. thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  3. after coming up with the wide angle solution on the F30, have now tried the Sea & Sea 2T macro lens on the same DIY adaptor, mainly out of curiosity, and was pleasantly surprised at the 'new' macro capabilities of the F30. new page is at http://www.devilgas.com/diving/fuji/f30_macro.asp should anyone be interested.
  4. update.... have now tried the 2T macro lens out of curiosity and was pleasantly suprised at the 'new' macro capabilities of the F30. new page is at http://www.devilgas.com/diving/fuji/f30_macro.asp should anyone be interested. not taken it diving yet. hopefully tomorrow.....
  5. mmmm kay. gotta admit, this seems a touch overkill to me. post dive, i soak the rig, shake & blow most water away (lung power), then if i need to, dry the rig with a towel and shyte wipe. not caused any probs in the last 15 years and i'm still on my first roll of bog paper (well maybe not, but you get the idea ). that said most of my stuff involves plane journeys (and the stingy uk baggage allowances) and lugging an extra cylinder & reg to blow water off the camera factors heavily in my comments.
  6. snoopy loops. price can't be beaten as they're free! find an old car inner tube, cut loads of 1" or ½" wide loops from it. they can be used to secure virtually anything to anything.
  7. thanks. there's one or 2 there that are worthwhile. trip to SA was great though and well worth doing
  8. hi all, had a few WA lenses lying around doing nothing and wanted to attach them to my f30 housing (fuji). not the prettiest solution, but simple enough to create. details here - http://www.devilgas.com/diving/fuji/f30_adaptor.asp hope it's of use to someone?
  9. i normally do all mine with the use of a photoshop action. my specific action does this: resize image for web viewing (500px wide) add "proof" across the image (or copyright etc etc) set the opacity, drop shadow, outer glow etc for this text layer set the exif copyright info save for web to another directory (with low quality) resize to 150px wide hide text layer save for web to another directory (this one's a thumbnail so doesn't need the text) close the image, abandoning changes i then run this action either individually, if i'm only using a single image, or using the file...automate...batch command in photoshop for a directory full of images. it certainly takes the hard work out of it all and i get consistant results hope that's of some use.
  10. thanks doug. i spoke to someone at camerasunderwater yesterday and was basically told that the mm lens adaptor would fit the 020 but the results with the wide angle wouldn't be good. there is no need for the macro lenses as the oly has the super macro mode which renders the add on lens superfluous. the 020 does allow for an alternative port to be used in place of the standard one which will allow the use of the wide angle add on lens to be bolted to the camera inside the housing. when i get the thing, i'll probably give the wide angle lens a go just by holding it against the front port. nothing to lose apart from a minute of dive time. cheers, dave
  11. i'm looking at getting the oly 5060 with the pt-020 housing. does anyone know if the wide angle and macro lenses i currently use on my motormarine 2ex will fit directly to this housing? i know an adaptor can be bought for the pt-015 and other housings (005,007 and 010). from what i can gather, the bayonet adaptor for these housings screws into the 67mm thread. would i be correct in saying that it will also be required for the pt-020? i've seen the strobe adaptor from http://www.muenster.de/~matthias/blitz/indexe.htm to allow me to use the ys60 strobe (half the battle won already!), but just need to know if i can use those other bits'n'bobs. cheers!
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