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  1. It is slightly heavier in water, but there was so much current it was hard to tell if it was the port or the current that made it harder to keep stable... They should have VR for video housings
  2. here it is http://www.flickr.com/photos/38475203@N03/3596288562/
  3. OK Guys here it is http://www.flickr.com/photos/38475203@N03/3596288562/ you'll see very slight vignetting on the barracudu shot but it sure beats the other wide angle solutions stef
  4. Great news for y'all deep pockets I just bought the WP80 wide angle port from Ikelite and it works !!!! I tested it in all shooting modes and it's absolutely perfect no softness and no vignetting... But... it's gonna cost ya 900$ footage from cozumel coming shortly stef
  5. Great news for y'all deep pockets I just bought the WP80 wide angle port from Ikelite and it works !!!! I tested it in all shooting modes and it's absolutely perfect no softness and no vignetting... But... it's gonna cost ya 900$ footage from cozumel coming shortly stef
  6. Hey Scott Your pictures kick ass... What are the lenses you were using ??? If you were using a macro on the nudi, you're working it great 'cause de DOF is awesome !!! stef
  7. Hey Kirk If your talking about the guys in Singapore, I bought a sea&sea flash from them 2 months ago, cheapest I could find in Asia, very fast and friendly service, I had mine shipped to the Maldives which is a major pain in the *ss and the guys took care of business, so I kept buying tons of stuff from them and it's always the same fast reliable service, I will meet them in Singapore in a month to buy 2 housings since the customs here are more than 40%. So don't worry about a thing and do business with these guys... Talk to McHale Song, he's the guy I've been doing business with stef
  8. Hey Jordi You can use a HSM in the Ikelite housing, just gotta modify the focus ring on your lens by adding some tape ( black "cloth" hockey tape in my case) if you plan to use the manual focus because the focus gear won't reach the ring, that's all there is to it... I got a D300 in an Ike housing, works fine stef
  9. Hey Guys So this is the reply I got from Jean at Ikelite when in exasperation, I wrote them an email urging them to fix our problem or I was going to legaly make them responsible for this HV20/30 mess they got us in... I apologize for my delay in reply. We have been very busy since returning from our annual industry trade show. We were unable to locate any correspondence from or with you regarding an issue with the Ikelite Housing #6071, optional port and Raynox lens combination. So if you failed to receive response in the past, I apologize. Sometimes legitimate e-mails both to and from Ikelite get lost in spam filters. If incorrect information has been provided in past e-mails, we will certainly do whatever we can to correct any problems or confusion caused. Our repeated testing (above and below water) shows absolutely no vignetting present in any recommended wide angle setup for the HV20/HV30 housing. We have recognized that there is information on the required adapter rings to attach the Raynox 5050 lens to the camera is missing from our housing instruction manual. When the appropriate adapters are used no vignetting is present. We are working to correct the instruction manual and website information, and I can get back with you with the exact details later this week. As I'm sure you know, optics are quite different underwater than they are above water. Dome ports provide better edge definition at certain points of a camera's zoom range, but can be quite soft in the edges at other points. External wide angle lenses (such as the W-20) can be soft at the edges due to the distance of the camera's lens from the rear element of the wet lens. You'll find this with any manufacturer's external lens, and this information is provided on our website. Every camera is slightly different, and each consumer's photographic needs and expectations are slightly different. We attempt to find the best balance possible between universality, quality, and affordability. We're certainly interested in working with you and making sure you are getting the best results possible. I guess I am befuddled as to the need for threats, as I am unaware of any refusal to try to correct your problems. So there it is guys, I guess we're all dumbasses 'cause Ikelite says so... Happy hunting... Can anybody let us know as soon as the specs for the new Century .65 HD lens come out, or if anybody tried hands on the WP80 ikelite port I work as a professional underwater photographer in a dive resort in the Maldives, once in a while I shoot videos of the guest with mantas and such, so my priority is the widest angle, I really really don't care about any zooming, if I want to do macro, i'll put the original port back on for a macro dive, I usually don't mix different styles of video on one dive... thanks Dumb stef
  10. Hey Tom I'm stuck on a desert island for another month so I can't really try stuff just yet, but what about this baby http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/2299...Wide_Angle.html it's a .55 from century optics...Doesn't look like the highest quality but can't expect much for 150$, but since it's so close to the camera lens and here are the physical specs .55X Wide Angle Adapter 37 by 43 in diameter and 9.4mm wide 37mm Thread Version 4.6oz (131g) Accepts 43mm Filters this should work no ??? too bad you need a step up ring or else I'm sure it woulda fit in the original housing/port... Next time i'm in NYC, I'll bring my housing and try the WP80, but I had comments it's the same problem since the camera is too far from the porthole stef
  11. Do you get edge softness on all the recording modes dv, wide dv and all the hd modes ??? With the century, you get no vignetting and no softness at all ??? thanks stef
  12. Hey Tom I share your suffering, I've tried everything to make this baby do wide angle and my last 2 solutions come down to either scrapping it and buying a sony/ikelite combo or trying the dome port and 3rd party wide angle... You said a while back that you had solved the 5050 issue with your flat port... I also see you're not using it anymore... Is it because the barrel distorion bugs you, or that the port is causing vignettes. If barrel distortion is the only problem, I can manage on fixing it in edition. How's the zooming ??? thanks stef
  13. Hey Ken... I'm in the thinking process of starting a class action suit against Ikelite for bad engineering, bad testing and even worse customer support and luring us into buying more solutions that don't work with the Canon hv20/hv30 cameras... Can you imagine, they received countless emails and phone calls from me, you and so many other people with the hv20/hv30 wide angle problems, and they still continue to falsely advertise the W20 lense, the Raynox 5050 combos and the whopping 900$ WP80 knowing full well they don't work. Heck why the hell not since instead of buying one solution that will work, they sell 3 that don't, so we keep spending money. We believe that since we already purchased the camera and the housing, which is still a sweet sum of money for my pocketbook anyways, that we'd loose too much to try to sell it to somebody else and getting a sony/ikelite combo which don't have our awefull vignetting problems, that we'll gladely fork over more money... No wonder bad capitalism is killing our economy nowadays... I've tried every setup except for the raynox 5050/Ikelite dome port combination since at the time, nobody had found a solution to the 5050... Did you actually try Wydeangle's solution for the raynox 5050 lens, removing the 37 37 ring ??? Does the 5050 lens vignette on land or is it the port that causes vignetting ??? stef
  14. I got a hold of Ikelite and they told me that the 900$ HD WP-80 wide angle dome port will cure my problem, now my problem is trusting Ikelite with another 900$ since they can't seem to do their job right, so if any of you tried this configuration, please share the love...
  15. Hey guys... Has anyone tried the HV20/HV30 in a Ikelite 6071 housing and the Fathom/Ikelite WP-80 HD wide angle port Since I've seen countless threads on hv20/hv30 wide angle headaches and having one of my one, owning the godawful w20 wet lens that creates ghost images and vignetting ( good job Ikelite R&D guys, you've outdone yourselves on that one ) and sucks at HD. I'd like some input on somebody that actually has tried the port before I fork over another 900$ on something that won't work... Anybody in the market for a w20 lens, they work great on Ike's sony housing ( thanks again Ikelite R&D guys !!! ) thanks
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