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  1. Zcam a good cam but to get ProRes RAW you need an Atomos external recorder. Besides I use Davinci Resolve and do not have time to learn another editing system that support ProRes RAW.
  2. Definitely low light performance with its tiny 1/2.5” sensor is bad. Even GH5 is bad as well. But still it has the best white balance i’ve ever seen in. y opinion.
  3. It is really nice, thanks for sharing. few years back - before the GoPro era, it would have costed a fortune to produce such quality steady footage. Now with negligible investment, one can produce quality imaging with an amazingly compact little rig Thank you GoPro for making underwater imaging accessible the masses.
  4. My freind Sultan was playing with a little old full HD camera that offers progressive 60 fps. This amazing camera can perfectly white balances at 100 feet depth in ambient light without red filter. where we live, Dubai UAE, the water visibility is bad because of the thermocline and the large amount of particles in the water. I can easily say our 100 feet depth has much less ambient light that 150 feet in clearer waters. We have tried before the Sony EX1, GH5 and the GH5s but the little camera beats them all. check it out please and let me know what do you think:
  5. Thank you for sharing. it is a very good test and very encouraging result. Did you shoot in HLG profile or Standard Profile as you wrote in the clip? Why not shoot 400mbps instead of 150?
  6. Ben, I am not sure you come across this video for the LX100 II: It seems to be a good choice. It does show the Nauticam housing as well. It has similar white balance setting to the GH5. But I am not sure if they used a red filter while testing it in ambient light down to 40ft. You can ask Backscatter and they are usually helpful and prompt.
  7. It is a quite an interesting compact package as a housing. Would it be outputting 12 bit or 10 bit ProRes RAW? How much difference is there between 12 bit vs 10 bit? It has been discussed here:
  8. Rectangular wide angels are usually used as Bill said especially for video. if the lens is 16-50 APS-C this will approximately be 24-75mm in full frame equivalent. 24mm is a sweet focal length in my opinion for video. You might need an extra wide angle lens if you are shooting big structures likes wrecks. Do not forget to take lights or red filter if you are diving deep. Enjoy
  9. Nice clip, thanks for sharing. For the OP and others to benefit from this thread, here is a video that shows side by side comparison in a pool. On my big TV there is a noticeable improvement when using the dome. Remember that even a good camera setup when used with wide angle lens and a flat port, will also produce similar effects your getting with the gopro flat port. All the luck with your new compact camera setup
  10. The red filter dome looks quite different than the 6” dome advertised on amazon. I couldn’t find the specifications of the Snake River dome but it looks much shallower and thus the optical performance should be different. The price of these are quite affordable and I feel they are worth the money. But you can do your own research.
  11. Here is a dome with a filter on/off function. please note I haven’t any of those domes before. If you only shoot in shallows or where ambient light is strong, then a setup with ought artificial lights is going to work. But if you dive deeper, a pair of affordable lights should do the trick even without a red filter. Remember, that videography/photography is the art of capturing light https://www.amazon.com/Underwater-Switchable-Magnifier-Photography-Compatible/dp/B0882XB2Q7/ref=pd_rhf_eeolp_p_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=H5T54SMCBQBZAP89H3N6
  12. May be a dome could fix this. I think the flat port on the Gopro is causing the wide angle lens to distort. Fortunately these domes are quite affordable. Make sure you get the right one for your camera, if you are buying. In this video, there are some shots underwater, you be the judge if the footage is less distorted.
  13. Thank you ben gazzal. I just dropped them an email.
  14. @Interceptor121 I might have misread your earlier comment, are you enabling false color on your external monitor or on the GH5 screen itself?
  15. I haven’t used false color before but it does make sense hence this tool can help you set exposure correctly for the main subject while managing the under/over exposed parts of the scene. @Interceptor121do you have the false color LUT always on your screen while recording? or do you expose using it and then disable the LUT? Here is in-depth video by wolfcrow explaining the sweet spots for GH5 for vlog recording. He does rely on false color tool at 22:00 for measuring exposure. It is a long technical video at the beginning but it is worth watching, I think.
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