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  1. True. You can white balance on few different objects but better to have a grayish tone. You will never know if the color rendering is accurate in difference lighting situation even with artificial lighting. The point of using a color checker is to have an accurate reference to ensure that the WB method is producing an accurate enough colors. Once you have achieved the correct colors with a known WB method, you don’t have to use the color checker all the time unless you are shooting in a totally different environment/seas.
  2. I used to used to stitch a piece of white cloth on my fin and I found it tricky but workable. Now I use a gray glove and do WB between the subject & my GH5s. It is one haded operation. This way the WB is more accurate since it is taking in the same lighting as of the subject ( I shoot in ambient lighting).
  3. Thank you for the complement Re. White balance, I tend to do WB when the light changes either due to depth changes or due to environment changes such shooting under a clef or in shadow part/inside of the wreck. I just WB on my gray glove which makes it quite simple (with a red filter on my lens)
  4. I totally agree that the GH5s produces beautiful image. Just add a red color filter and white balance on a gray card or glove in my case. It is that simple Here is a footage I shot without lights of wreck that lies at 24m depth with bad visibility:
  5. Agreed, and I don’t mind housing the blackmagic Video assist to get that. I was hoping that BM brings a new update for the Pocket Camera with a better sensor than current - it is rumored to be the same as GH5s - this way I can update my whole setup including the housing. Until now, I am really happy with the quality of the GH5s image. Without artificial lighting the IQ is good pushed until iso 6400. I’ll post a link later. I am also happy with Davinci Resolve workflow and the all in one solutions it offers. It is becoming a very rich platform.
  6. In addition to Proress raw, I wish Panasonic for GH5s can give us Blackmagic Braw ( I know it is not truly RAW format but it is so efficient and brings RAW capabilities in post production) like they have done with the higher models. I don’t wont to change to another editor and a different workflow other than Davinci Resolve.
  7. I hope so in the same GH5 body and buttons layout so that it fits in the exiting housings.
  8. Such specs are really minor enhancements and will cause a big disappointment.
  9. Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 10:00am ET (7:00am PT).
  10. Zcam a good cam but to get ProRes RAW you need an Atomos external recorder. Besides I use Davinci Resolve and do not have time to learn another editing system that support ProRes RAW.
  11. Definitely low light performance with its tiny 1/2.5” sensor is bad. Even GH5 is bad as well. But still it has the best white balance i’ve ever seen in. y opinion.
  12. It is really nice, thanks for sharing. few years back - before the GoPro era, it would have costed a fortune to produce such quality steady footage. Now with negligible investment, one can produce quality imaging with an amazingly compact little rig Thank you GoPro for making underwater imaging accessible the masses.
  13. My freind Sultan was playing with a little old full HD camera that offers progressive 60 fps. This amazing camera can perfectly white balances at 100 feet depth in ambient light without red filter. where we live, Dubai UAE, the water visibility is bad because of the thermocline and the large amount of particles in the water. I can easily say our 100 feet depth has much less ambient light that 150 feet in clearer waters. We have tried before the Sony EX1, GH5 and the GH5s but the little camera beats them all. check it out please and let me know what do you think:
  14. Thank you for sharing. it is a very good test and very encouraging result. Did you shoot in HLG profile or Standard Profile as you wrote in the clip? Why not shoot 400mbps instead of 150?
  15. Ben, I am not sure you come across this video for the LX100 II: It seems to be a good choice. It does show the Nauticam housing as well. It has similar white balance setting to the GH5. But I am not sure if they used a red filter while testing it in ambient light down to 40ft. You can ask Backscatter and they are usually helpful and prompt.
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