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  1. BTW I would like this asmy desktop image and I have already used the flowchart to determine wether or not to give away a free image or not as i had a beggar on email 20 mins ago LOL. PS can I use it for free if I give the author a credit?
  2. Wish i was diving last time i was there!!!, great shots
  3. Beautiful animals and nice shots too, wish i had encounters like these when i was there, great work.
  4. Love it, I will be sending this to the next person that asks for free images, probably in the next half hour Tristan
  5. Awesome, thanks for posting, really enjoyed the film, i am sure 4 hours+ of deco must be a bummer but worth it for some shots
  6. Really like those shots Gudge, 5 is my fave though, love the sun rays, blues and greens in the water and, of course, the Leopard shark makes the shot
  7. A good read Simon, thanks for posting this, as someone who used to travel 32 abroad weeks a year with lots of camera gear i feel your pain, and you are right, planning and rolling with the punches keeps you sane, well, sort of
  8. Thanks for posting this and the video, it is really great to see it done first hand, as it were. Not so scared of scratching the port now.
  9. LOL Drew, maybe "Petite" is the word I should have used, superb for travel as it is a lot lighter, I know there was a debate regarding the future of DSLR and micro 4/3 so I won't go into it here, one advantage I noticed though is that you can push it into tight spaces to get the shot of the critter that i could not hope to get with my full rig.
  10. I was out diving with a buddy who had the Nauticam housing at the weekend, it is a great piece of kit ant the NEX produced some great results. The interchangeable ports and lenses gives you so much versatility as well. I second Phil's verdict on the housing being a thing of beauty, it is really cute, if that is possible Tristan
  11. Sucbapro Mk20 1st stage and S600 second stage, just had them serviced after a coupe of years as I was breathing water, good as gold now you can give them a go next time we dive
  12. Are you shooting into the light as this can illuminate the numbers and letters on the front of the lens. You can use felt pen to colour the numbers in or black tape, but I would imagine that it is the angle in relation to the sun/light source that causes it. I had the same issue on a few shots I took of some basking sharks recently. Just an assumption. Did all your shots turn out like this?
  13. Forgot it was your turn, who are you taking up?
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