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  1. I'm selling my N-19 and HD Video Package - Includes N-19 w/ charger and wooden mount (if you want it) - Stingray HD w/ video back and extra 50mm wide angle lens - Sony HDR-SR12 HD Camcorder, w extra battery - 2 10w HID Light Cannons - Dive Xtras rotating video mount w/ Stinray mounting plate - all chargers for lights, camera, and camera back plus rechargeable batteries $4300 + shipping for the complete package If sold separately: Scooter: $2400 Camera Package: $1900 Camera Mount: $250 All prices are OBO, package deal will receive preference over single items. Please PM for more details. Thanks for looking! Ryan
  2. I would prefer to keep the package together for now. If it doesn't sell I will may break it up. I'll think about a price for the port. Thanks, Ryan
  3. am selling the following package. This is everything you need to shoot HD video in a small, portable set-up. Package includes: Light & Motion Stingray HD underwater housing with monitor back, standard lens, color correction filter. - L&M 80-Degree HD Wide Angle Lens - L&M Stingray HD Weight Bracket - Sony HDR-SR12 HD 120GB Hard Drive video camera with all accessories & box - Sony AC-VQH10 quick battery charger/power adaptor - Sony BC-TRP travel wall battery charger - Sony NP-FH100 high capacity battery - Sony NP-FH70 medium capacity battery - 2 Sony 8GB Memory Stick PRODuo cards - 2 UK Light Cannon 100 HID light with video filters, rechargeable batteries, and AC adaptors - Complete Ultralight Control Systems arms & mounts for lights and housing - Pearlstone Ultra Rapid Charger plus 8 2900mAh NiMH batteries for monitor back ---- $2,200 + shipping. I also have the Dive-X scooter mount w/ the base plate made for this unit which I will also sell for $350, or $250 is sold w/ the package. NOTE: I realize that I have very limited posting history on this board. I thought I would get more into video than I did so I am going to get a small handheld system insteand. I post under the same name on rebreatherworld, thedecostop, and scubaboard. My ebay user name is also the same if you would like to check my feedback. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi everyone. Total Noob here. I just picked up a Stingray HD with an SR12. Leaving for my first offshore trip with it and I can't figure out how to get the text on the camera to display on the monitor back of the housing. The picture shows on the back, but none of the information displayed on the camera shows up on the back. For instance, I can't tell if it is recording or on standby, battery life, etc. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance! Ryan
  5. Sorry, just bought a system and it arrived yesterday. Thank for your offer though. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get a starter video package. I just lost an ebay auction for a L&M Mako w/ lights and a video back and would like to find something else that is similar. This is my first real underwater video camera so I would love to find something that is easy to use, reliable, and with enough features to keep me busy while I figure out what I want long-term. Really not too picky as most of my videos end up online to share with friends and family. My only real requirements is that the housing is rated for at least 60M, preferably 100M. Thanks in advance, Ryan
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