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  1. Hi Bluewaterphoto - any further updates on this? I'm thinking about buying the camera now and really want to know what the housing options are. Awaiting your reply with bated breath!
  2. check these out Pajipen https://www.hakaimagazine.com/videos-visuals/the-secret-light-show-below/
  3. Curiuos to know if anyone out there is using Nikon SB 5000 in a housing?
  4. I loved the diving at Buceo Anilao, small family run, and excellent guides https://www.buceoanilao.com/index.php ANd a good mix of macro and WA available, proper camera room too. These guys know how to look after photographers. I'll go back again, and I'm a pro.
  5. I can send you some unusual wide angles just shot on a D850 in the Philippines. Happy to send you a contact sheet via email.
  6. I've had a Meikon for an Rx 100 3 for use by a dive buddy. The only problem he had with it is a tendency to steam up inside at depth. Easily fixed by using a small desiccant silica gel pack inside the housing.. If you are not flush with cash, its an excellent entry point.
  7. bump, still available. I think I should have posted this before Christmas!
  8. Using wrong email account, sorry. If you are at the Boot show 22 or 23 Jan, would be nice to say hello in person. I'm a UK based photo journalist. Louise
  9. Selling my Aquatica mega dome, its been sittinng in my spare room unused for a year after the D800 housing flooded. I replaced that with a Nauticam D850 housing. All glass surfaces are scratch free, there are some small marks on the black port protectors. This is up on Ebay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254051813677 listing ends next Sunday January 13th. Please feel free to ask any questions or ask for additional images. Louise
  10. Hi Tarnis, THe conversion to a D300 is variable by country, basically Aquatica offer a refurb of original housing plus a new rear section for about 700 pounds in the UK Best talk to AQUATICA directly, they are very helpful.
  11. No Mark, selling the lot together if you don't mind Louise
  12. Hi, I have a little used Aquatica D200 housing for sale. Never flooded. Pro owned. Includes handles, wide angle port, sunshade and macro port for 60mm and extension ring for 105mm (this also allows use of longer zooms with the wide angle port) Offers over 750 UK pounds+ p+p, I will ship anywhere. Payment by paypal only. Aquatica make a conversion kit that upgrades this housing to a D300 housing.
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