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    Sony A-350
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    Two Ikelite DS-160
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    ULCS bouyancy 8"
  1. I'll invite everybody in this and other forum to drop Ikelite a mail. If we can do 100 or even more mails, maybe Ikelite will reconsider ?? I have allready dropped 10 mails !!
  2. Hey Juan, Where exactly did you buy the barrel bolt ??? Can't find it anywhere. dive safe. Hoyerland
  3. <br /><br /><br /> Hello rinjani, What I meant was a kind of handle on top of the housing for easier transport in and out of the water. I imagine a kind of alu handle placed on top of the housing or mounted on both trayhandles. Thanks for helping.
  4. Hello everbody, My rig is a ike housing for a Sony a-350 DSLR, Two DS 160 strobes and ULCS bouyancy 8" arms. I need your advice regarding a good handle solution between the 2 handles placed on the tray. I imagine some alu tube crossing top of the housing. I'll be so happy for what ever your suggestions are. Hoyerland
  5. Hi there, I'm new here. Looking for a good handle solution for my ike. Do you have some pics showing your idea ??
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