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  1. I was wondering if anyone have used a Light like the SOLA 1200 instead of a Strobe for Macro Shots ....
  2. I just saw on divervision website that the patima case is sold for 949,95$
  3. Hi, I am selling my system because I want to buy a new system for my G9 : - Fuji F810 Camera, in good condition with 1Gb memory - Ikelite housing # 6154.81 - Iklite # 9523.31 Tray with Release Handle - #9306.80 Bayonet Mount adapter for Inon Lenses - Inon UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye - Inon UCL-165AD Close-up Lens - Ikelite Digital Substrobe DS-51 - Ikelite #4100.6 EV Manual Controller - Ikelite #4086.61 Ball Socket Arm All this have done only 5 dives. Asking 1200$ + shipping.
  4. Maybe I can try to mke something using the adapter from Ikelite for the F810 Housing that I have. let to see
  5. If you are interested patima is going to release a case for the sanyo xacti HD1000, check this link : http://uwcam.com/eng/rd/sub3_1.html
  6. Hi, I live in Jubail in Saudi Arabia, is there anybody here who is living near and going to dive ? cheers
  7. If we can do a deal, I am interested by everything except the camera ... so let to see if we can find an agreement.
  8. Hi, I am quite interested by modifying my case but I would lke to know if it is possible make an adapter for this case but for these inon lenses : UFL-165AD & UCL-165AD, I have these lenses from my old Ikelite Case for my Fuji F810, I would like to use them again. thanks
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