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  1. Campark uses an outdated smaller (1/3.2") IMX179 sensor. I have a camera with this sensor (Hawkeye firefly 8SE 90 degree) and it's not shabby but a bit noisy. It needs lots of light. More expensive action cameras with IMX377 sensor (Yi 4K, 4K+, SJCAM SJ9 and avove etc.) have much better video quality (GoPro HERO 6-8 also used a similar sensor IMX277).
  2. I'm a happy user of Yi4k and Yi4K+. However, they're not produced anymore but you can still get some for cheap. DJI osmo is another option. I would also consider Insta360 one R modular system, especially with the 1 inch module.
  3. and it's also good enough for Howard to propmote the big movies. Actually that convinced me that my next upgrade will be a A6400 (from A6000).
  4. I would just add that Michele Hall uses a sony A6300 professionally (behind the scenes photos for Howard Hall film making):
  5. Have you also tried the MC-11 with the Canon 60mm 2.8 EF-S ? Is there any difference in AF speed between the 2 adapters?
  6. I already have the Sony E 30mm Macro but it's really just good (I like it) for close ups.I hoped for a while that Tamron will produce a 60mm macro.
  7. I've just clarified with seafrog (Meikon, Salted Line) that they don't have a proper port for Sigma 70mm macro. Now I'm leaning towards the 50mm macro, so it's narrowed down to Sony or Zeiss Touit. However, the Zeiss is almost twice as expensive as sony and what I learned its AF is not that fast. The image quality is probably superb but I expect sony to be in the the same ballpark.
  8. What about adapted canon fisheye lenses? You don't need superfast AF, do you?
  9. I have only moving images. This sort movie summarizes well 2020 and the fact that I was restricted to dive "in the backyards", lakes and rivers in Germany. I entered this movie to the actioncup underwater video competition and won the action camera section:
  10. I mainly do cold water low vis dives, so for me 90mm is a bit long, a 60mm macro would be perfect. The sony 50mm and Sigma 70mm are just half the price of the sony 90mm, which is also a major issue. In the film times I used slow focus extending macro lenses. Although they're not that easy to focus with with a proper port (if there's no vignetting) and enough light (focus light) it's managable .
  11. I'm also looking for a good macro lens for my sony A6000 (plan to upgrade to A6400 later). Currently I use the 30mm macro that is good for close-up but not really for serious macro work. I also have an old 100m minolta macro, which I may adapt and use in manual mode. Now I'm leaning towards the Sony FE 50mm f2.8 macro or the Sigma 70mm f2.8 DG Macro ART lenses. Any opinion about those two lenses?
  12. I would also recommend Matthias Lebo and Vanessa from the Behind the Mask group:
  13. There are more macro lenses available for sony including sigma 70mm, 105mm, and Tokina 100 mm. Some people use adapted Canon lenses and reported quite usable AF performance. In addition, there are several excellent MF lenses. Laowa 2.8 60mm and 2.8/ 25 mm 2.5-5X ultra macro looks quite good for me. Maybe pre-focusing would also work for video.
  14. I would have a look at the sony A7s III a recent article on dpreview: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/1661784063/sony-a7s-ii-vs-a7s-iii-what-s-new-and-does-it-matter
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