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  1. Hydronalin, a German on-line shope sells weefine products: https://www.hydronalin.eu/weefine-smart-snoot-1000-wf069-fokuslicht-fuer-unterwasserfotografie/a-696372/
  2. Some are. This one has 56 cores (of 0.75 mm fiber): https://www.lichtdekor.de/Lichtfasern-Endlicht/Lichtfaser-in-der-Ummantelung/Lichtfaserkabel-PMMA-56-x-0-75mm-391-392.html But now I've read the whole thread again and you meant more and finer cores with a sum diameter of 1 mm
  3. This might help: https://www.lichtdekor.de/Lichtfasern-Endlicht/Lichtfaser-in-der-Ummantelung/ I've ordered single non-jacketed ones and they were good.
  4. Do you have any suggestion for rivers close to Istanbul?
  5. Actually I thought it's Azmak Creek close to Susuzm├╝sellim
  6. Unfortunately not. I've seen some of your other videos on youtube, the placed look familier, that's why the guess. I have a business trip planned to Istanbul this year. I'm considering to visit this nice river.
  7. First I thought that it's Azmak Creek
  8. Is there any dive base nearby?
  9. Very nice. It's interesting that there are no fish in the water.
  10. Personally, I would go for the A6400. I have an A6000 and now I'm considering to upgrade it to A6400. I don't see that much benefit of FF vs APS-C.
  11. Yes, it was in a lake. It would probaly not stable enough in current. I glued some led to the last section, but you need bigger rig in current for sure.
  12. I used only loc-line parts (and some additional screews to create a quadropod. I used 1/2 " parts but perhaps 3/4" would be more stable. It was very easy to assemble. You can see it in work in this video:
  13. 16mm (wide angle) and flat port is the problem. This is the borderline and a dome port is recommended to avoid blured edges. You may try the 30mm macro lens. It's relatively cheap and will fit to your port (most probably)
  14. I ordered endglow (less light loss) cables from here for other projects: https://www.lichtdekor.de/Lichtfasern-Endlicht/Lichtfasern-PMMA/ multiple fibers with coating: https://www.lichtdekor.de/Lichtfasern-Endlicht/Lichtfaser-in-der-Ummantelung/
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