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  1. You may consider the aluminium T-housing: https://actionpro.de/product/t-housing-aluminium-housing-for-gopro-hero-9/?lang=en I had one for an actionpro camera and it's well made. You can easily add a try to it.
  2. I think the most important point you made is the water clarity, which also influences the resolution (negatively) and is the main limiting factor. (but we know that we have to be as close as possible to our subject to reduce the amount of water between them)
  3. I think it's still avalid comparison since the physics applies not just for IMAX. Of course our work doesn't require the same quality as the new Avatar movie.I'm sure that in few generations we will have 8K GoPro but it won't make any sense with 1-2K underwater resolution.
  4. It's a good point but it also requires cropping
  5. I mainly use action cameras (Insta360 OneRS, ONE X2, Yi 4K+) but I also take videos with my Sony A6000 that I want to upgrade because of the lack of 4K. However, I recently read an interesting article about the underwater cinematography of the upcoming Avatar movie: https://ymcinema.com/2022/10/24/the-underwater-cinematography-behind-avatar-2-3d-beam-splitter-and-nikonos-lenses/ The following quotes are from Pawel Achtel who developed the special camera system for the underwater work: “Dome ports, which are used for wide-angle lenses, produce image plane curvature combined with astigmatism when placed underwater. This causes extensive blurring of images. In ideal conditions, such systems are limited to approximately 2K equivalent sharpness (approximately 1000 line pairs per picture width). This falls far short of today’s high-resolution camera standards. Flat ports perform even worse. While having negligible effect out of the water, a flat port produces severe chromatic aberrations, pin-cushion distortions, astigmatism, and (often undesirable) image magnification. For wide-angle imaging, a flat port limits image sharpness to the equivalent of approximately 1K (standard definition) quality. An example of a flat port can be a dive mask. Much of the underwater content that is claimed to be 4K or 8K is really limited to the approximately high-definition quality or less by its optics, even though it may be recorded on an 8K capable camera”. The new GoPro Hero 11 has 5.3K and my Inst360 One RS can even record 6K (wide mode) but is it actually that high resolution or just a much lower resolution artificially up-scaled? Few years and we will have 8K action cameras but do you need this when the optical quality is not there? Maybe the macro requires high resolution but considering the optical quality of the water going higher than 4K doesn't make sense. What do you think about these limitations of resolution?
  6. My deepest dive with the Insta 360 One X2 in Insta dive case was 29 m. It worked OK. Company claims it's waterproof until 45 m.
  7. If you have the budget, why not. Big production companies used the predecessor of this camera (Blue Planet).
  8. I feel really sorry. I knew him only from the wetpixel forum, but I really liked his posts and we had some private chat. He was a really nice person. I also very much appreciated his work, since I started diving in the Mediterranean Sea. RIP David.
  9. What about using two parallel gopro, insta360 or similar action cameras (for video)?
  10. It was a fantastic project. I have the book and saw the full movie.
  11. Actually I'm planning to go for Sony A6400. If you're a Sony shooter and not interested in full frame it's a very solid choice. How do you want to use your footage? For YouTube and other social media it's more than enough. I've sold footage for TV production taken by A6000 (not strong in video)
  12. What about "yawning" fish photos. As I know it's also a stress response.
  13. In my opinion, to have a better wide angle camera than GoPro, you have to spend lots of money, and it won't be travel friendly
  14. It was a time ago, but I ordered from this German company and I was satisfied with them: https://www.lichtdekor.de/Lichtfasern/Lichtfasern-Endlicht-170/ I think ordering from other EU contries would also be without problem
  15. I've considered this camera but I didn't find it better than any other top action cameras. It uses a bit outdated sensor and the only advantage is the mechanical stabilization. I agree with you that top action cameras are great and even good enough for TV broadcasting. Sometimes they're better tools than bigger large sensor cameras.
  16. Do you have the proper dome port for this lens?
  17. Very nice. It's time to invest into a VR headset. Which camera(s) have you used?
  18. I’ve recently bought a 360 degree camera (Insta360 One X2) for underwater videography. I do lots of work with small camera traps (action cameras on tripod) but the footage is always static and the direction is not always perfect, so some cropping is required. The idea was to freely choose the view point and have the opportunity to apply smooth camera movements (pan, tilt, zoom). I have ambivalent feeling but I would say it’s mainly positive. I uploaded some real 360 degree videos to my Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/SX0EJRt70T8 https://youtu.be/Tuvz5qiEtt8 I haven’t tried to watch them with VR headset and I mainly use the camera for standard videos. I’m not sure that with a standard action camera I could have recorded these: https://youtu.be/_RKtSIUnbFQ https://youtu.be/3IZ2kq-epGs I haven’t tried it in a coral sea but so far I’m happy. There are many limitations. The underwater housing is not the best, and the stich line is visible. Also the camera cannot look down. Maybe a bigger sphere housing would be better. It’s a 5.7 K camera but the normal view is just FHD (barely). Few years ago 3D video was a big thing but today it’s completely gone. Maybe 360 degree video will have the same fate. What do you think?
  19. In strong current I would just fix a gopro head to a lead block
  20. I've just created a mini tripod (tetrapod) for my action cameras. I used some scrap metal pieces (aluminium) I found in my tinkering cabinet (probably pieces not used for furniture assembly). Assembly was quick. I sprayed it with black paint and next day it was ready. Light and easy to transport.
  21. Very nice. Lots of details, I think this lens is really good. Unfortunately the sony version has no electronic aperture control.
  22. It seems to be a great lens regarding optical quality. The main problem I see is that even in case of a properly working focus gear, there is no way to change the aperture of the lens.
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