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  1. thank you for your reply, i did try in both ways..., it doesn't work and already read that article... i realy think that the oem board is not compatible...
  2. Hello, i am a end user of i-ttl oem board for my nikon D80 in Patima housing, i have two strobes inon z-240, one type 2 and another type 3, and the ttl does not work at all!!!!, i did all the test, and I was concerned to see consistency, and checked the site that says it is compatible. After questioning the manufacturer, and i have the invoice and the money transfer evidence, i have recieved this e-mail: "Hello Rui, we do not sell the OEM boards to end users. Just for that reason. Please contact Michael Finger, www.mike-dive.de if problems go on with this. with kind regards, Christian Weikamp " So, is possible to someone help me on this question? kind regards Rui Bernardo
  3. hello i have both tc's, the Nikon Af-S Teleconverter TC-20E III, it can only be used with the new 105vr and the auto focus works well, but with a (very) god focus ligth. the new nikon 105vr also work's god with the kenko pro 300, (including auto focus) and you can use this tc with all lenses (i use it for cfwa). the problem is the new nikon doesn't fit in all lenses like the kenko one. kind regards to all, RB
  4. Hello if you have inon's, you do not need another strobe, what you need is a Remote Slave unit, like this one; http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/#/en/rsu/ kind regards RB
  5. hi all, i also had the same problem in my Patima extension ring's and dome i have bougt two pieces of this pictures to unsrew it chave
  6. Hi, i also have that lense, in a Subal housing, D300, and use a +4 diopter, but, to try to do "macro" @ 85mm do not focus as close as i need that pics are done whit taht lense
  7. Hi i also have a RSU from Heinrichs-Weikamp, in a inon Z-240 strobe, this sensor is very sensitive, i have a few problems, also... check the pin's to see if they are ok, because one of the problem i had, it was a broken pin... regards
  8. Hello Pedro, thank you for showing us your project! regards
  9. Hello, Bob, that snoot that you send us the link looks very fine, and cheap..., but the end of it, seem to have a larger diameter..(?) but that can be fixed. i try the sea&sea one, in macro photo, like this ones; So, the smallest diameter must be very "tight", in order to have a small ray of light.., but like i said. that can be fixed in a SV snoot... Geo, of course, we want to stay posted... good work! regards
  10. Hello i did not find in a shop i read this article http://www.camerasunderwater.info/articles/lighting/ i test one already, and i also want to buy one, but i have INON Z-240, and my question is, if there are a snoot for inon Z-240.., regards
  11. Hello i am searching for a snoot that fits in my z-240, someone use? i know that sea&sea has one that fits, but is the only one? regards to all
  12. Hi, you're right, thats why , in my first post, i said "ND300 (type 4)"... regards to all
  13. Hello, i put the ring in a hot water, and then put in the lense.... from behind i don't think is possible because the format of the lense. regards
  14. Done! it is not inside, is outside..., but is solved! THANK YOU!
  15. Well..., don't think so.... in my opinion is a defect of construction, because the ring is backward as i can, but the mechanism, does not have sufficient length to "touch" the zoom ring... if that mechanism can not be tuned...., i don't really know subal does not answer this question! best regards
  16. Hello again take a look at this pictures, this is the zoom ring inserted in the lense 16-85mm nikkor this is the button that comands the zoom, one position is up, other ir down (make contact with the zoom ring with Tokina 10-17, touches lightly in the zoom ring with 16-85mm, does not touches at all does someone have this problem? regards
  17. Hello, i have a Nikon D300 camera in a subal housing, ND300 (type 4) i bought two zoom rings, one for Tokina 10-17, and another for Nikkor 16-85mm VR and both does not work well with the zoom command button in the housing with Tokina, i did have put some piece of rubber between the ring and the lense, or the button did not reach the ring, and with the ring for 16-85mm, the button not have enough space, it's short...even if i put some rubber between the lense and the ring.. Please, can someone tell me what i should do, or give me an e-mail adress, so i can make my complain and solve this problem. i send allready an e-mal to Subal, no anwser... regards
  18. Hi Drew i have two cameras, Nikon D80 and D300, the first in a Patima housing, the second one in a Subal housing. I ask why the price is so differente? can not be only because the "aspect" that Macro Mate have... best regards
  19. Hello all can some one please tell me which one is better; Macro Mate or Woody's Diopter regards
  20. Hello all, does anyone knows if the new Inon Z-240 type 4 recognized directly the i-TTL protocol, without connect a TTL converter? and the Type 3? thank you
  21. Hello all, i had similar problems, it has because a very short water leak, if you can not find it, change all o'rings, dry very well all the plugs wiht hair dryer, replace the electrical cables if possible, check the plugs in the housing... thats what i did, and solve the problem... regards
  22. no, they do not have instructions there.... and i send then severeal e-mails asking for the diagram in the manual, the diagram dont represent the connections to the batery Matthias allready send me an e-mail, explaining the connections, but i realy need the diagram regards
  23. hello again i have some news about it.. my difficult know, connecting the battery the manual says; "...A connection to the camera is required (5pins) and the attachment to the battery (2 pins: Vbatt and GND) and strobes (4 pins: Ready, GND, Trigger and Quench). GND must be splitted to the strobes and the battery..." but, wich one is the positive and the negative pole? anyone can help me? regards
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