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  1. hi, thank for the reply, i have the new subal housing, is now called ND300, new logo i guess... but if the DP-FE4 have different size of port, all the other ports must be different also... and the "old" ones, d'ont fit? regards
  2. hello all, I bought a new subal housing for D300, subal ND300, the dome port that i bought is the DP-FE4, i think the difference is the way to attach the dome if i have another dome, like DP-FE2, it wil fit? best regards
  3. Hello all, does anyone use or ever know the TTL converter Kk.III, from heinrichsweikamp ? i need some help about it.. how to mount it in the system... regards RB
  4. Hi, why? did you tried the OEM Matthias internal converter? regards RBernardo
  5. Hi all, The Sea&Sea says that almost all commands are accessible on their website, but does not say which are not available, someone who use this housing can tell me what commands are not available? One more question, is it possible to store inside the housing the internal TTL converter, the Mathias one? Thxs for any help
  6. Hello i am about to buy a subal housing for my new D300, i need help to find the ports and extension rings for my zoom lens 16-85mmVR, does anyone can help me and give the references of the rings? thank you in advanced Rui Bernardo
  7. My housing is a Patima one, and Patima does not provide spare parts so fast as that thats one of the reason my next housing will no be a Patima one RB
  8. What is the best way to lubricate the buttons on the housing? using the same grease that is used in the o'rings, or vaseline medicinal liquid? thx in advanced Rui Bernardo
  9. hi Tim, that's what i did.... thx regards RB
  10. Hello Tim, you uploaded it? where can i find it? thx RB
  11. Hello does anyone use custom curves when shoting in jpg format? where can i find curves like vevia.ntc and provia.ntc? tahnk you in advanced Rui Bernardo
  12. Hello, it's a lens that you have to buy!, for macro pictures, there are no better lens! RB
  13. hi all, sorry to ask another thing, so, if i use a macro lens (like 105mm VR Nikkor) should i use a diopter +4, and if i use a zoom lens, (like 16-85mm VR Nikkor) shoulf use diopter +2? thank you Rui
  14. Hello Sam, thank you for your answer. you have Patima and Nexus housing, did you tried already the Patima ports in Nexus housing?, only to test the waterproofness? thank you Rui Bernardo
  15. Hi all sorry for the missed info i have a d80 camera, in a patima housing i bought a d300, i have read (do not know where, thats why i am asking..) that the inside screw, to attach the several port's are the same size as patima housing since i have some port's of patima, and if they are of the same size as nexus, my choice it will be a nexus housing istead a subal... thank you all Rui Bernardo
  16. Hello forum, does someone knows what size is the inside screw of nexus housing's? thank you Rui
  17. Hello i think that your best choice is the Z-240 type III, INON regards RB
  18. Hi all i'm back from vacations and the temp of my strobes run quite well (i think so) i did have to set -1.7 ev at my camera, and the srtobe set in TTL some examples of the pictures with 10,5mm http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPy7...-h/DSC_0702.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPYB...-h/DSC_0728.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPeD...-h/DSC_0498.jpg and more with other lens http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPy7...-h/DSC_0710.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPsj...-h/DSC_0652.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1tzRjEszJ0M/SPjd...-h/DSC_0608.jpg and more at my blog http://rbernardo.blogspot.com/ thank you all Rui
  19. Do you think that i should set the external converter for -2/3 EV? Rui Bernardo
  20. After my saturday dive, i still have the same problem, my photos does not have "color" and contrast what can i do? shoul i increase EV or something?
  21. Hi Erik i am going to Tioman. you set your strobes lower? how do you do that? Rui Bernardo
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