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  1. Theres fit and fit isnt there I have been using a d80 in a sea and sea d100 housing The d80 is smaller than the D100 but I think (and this may be bad news) bigger than the D70 I had to make a new base thicker plate and lost most of the controls and do a bit of vandalism to the controls that were fouling dont give up without trying S
  2. Good to know Im not missing any bits - thanks seems slightly weird design - you kind of want to be double safe under water IMO - this is open to operator stupidity which should be designed out SMM
  3. (Sea and Sea) Hi I just got a port extender to get a nikon 14.28 inside my compact dome port There doesnt seem to be a way of locking the port onto the extender - it is an old port and a new extender is this right ? SMM
  4. Hi I have Sea and Sea D100 housing ports and flash - Im looking for a Sea and Sea housing to house a reasonably current nikon DSLR while retaining current port and flash I need a housing for a D80 (which I have) or maybe a D200 or D300 (Id need to buy a camera too then) This housing would most probably be a stopgap while I order a d3 housing Looking to buy face to face in the South West of the UK Would also consider a whole kit for nikon from another brand of housing maker SMM www.sammorganmoore.com
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