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  1. As the title says, will it fit? Or do I need yet ANOTHER housing? a030.gif


    Ta in advance...


    Theres fit and fit isnt there


    I have been using a d80 in a sea and sea d100 housing


    The d80 is smaller than the D100 but I think (and this may be bad news) bigger than the D70


    I had to make a new base thicker plate and lost most of the controls and do a bit of vandalism to the controls that were fouling


    dont give up without trying



  2. The extensions can't lock to the ports. That's right. However the connections are fairly stiff and in my experience I haven't seen any twisting.


    Good to know Im not missing any bits - thanks


    seems slightly weird design - you kind of want to be double safe under water IMO - this is open to operator stupidity which should be designed out




  3. Hi


    I have Sea and Sea D100 housing ports and flash - Im looking for a Sea and Sea housing to house a reasonably current nikon DSLR while retaining current port and flash


    I need a housing for a D80 (which I have) or maybe a D200 or D300 (Id need to buy a camera too then)


    This housing would most probably be a stopgap while I order a d3 housing


    Looking to buy face to face in the South West of the UK


    Would also consider a whole kit for nikon from another brand of housing maker




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