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Michael Gerken was certified to dive in 1980 at age of thirteen and spent his teenage years diving the shores of his home on Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, the took an office job in New York City while spending his weekends exploring the shipwrecks of the coast. As his fascination with diving continued to heighten his interest in his conventional corporate lifestyle waned. After working as a part time dive instructor and crewing on several local dive boats, he abandoned the daily grind of the city to pursue a full time career in boating and diving.


Since then Mike has travelled extensively working in the diving industry in a variety of capacities such as instructor, dive guide, operations manager, boat captain and photo pro. He's lived and worked in locales such as Mocambique, Truk Lagoon, Palau and Vanuatu in the South Pacific. In 2003, it was in Truk Lagoon where Mike discovered his love of underwater photography and videography. He eventually went on to become captain of the luxury liveaboard, the Truk Odyssey before leaving in 2008.


Mike has displayed his photographic works in numerous galleries, published his images and written numerous articles for magazines such as, Scuba Diving, Diver, Wreck Diving and Sport Diver. Mike has two documentary films to his credit, The Wreck of the SS President Coolidge, released in 2006 and The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon released in 2011. Both have gone on to be collectibles for divers, history buffs and wreck diving enthusiasts.

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