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  1. I asked CJ to get his 3-D specs from out of his Guiness Book of Records. His first reaction was Wow! Stuff the DSLR Dad. I want to shoot 3-D... Have you any idea how a 12 year old u/w photographer can haemorrage a bank account...? :-) (posted in error on CJ's profile)
  2. Paul, the big problem for us in the UK if we are travelling to the Red Sea is the carriers are now enforcing the 5kg hand luggage restriction and are weighing outward and return. This now means having to put the majority of our rig in the hold in a proper hard case. I was able to book an extra 20kgs ('watersport bag') with Thomson Fly for about £60 out and back which was additional to the 20kgs (standard allowance) plus 5kgs (diver allowance plus 5 kgs (carry-on). See you at Visions...
  3. Hello everyone. Thank you for the very nice things you said about my photos. Ripli thank you for showing me your photo. Isn't it amazing we should meet then and again on Wetpixel. Isn't Wetpixel the best! I'm really looking forward to going to Visions in the Sea with Dad next weekend. See you there :-)
  4. My Dad has been really sneaky and I did not know he had told you about this! Thank you everyone for the nice things you said about my photograph. Dad is making some plans for us to dive next year. I think we are going to Sinai in the spring and Lahami and St Johns in the summer. Hello Steve. I think your trick has worked and I'm getting a G9 for Christmas! And I sneaked a peek at a list of camera stuff on its way from Japan. Woohoo!!
  5. Did I say fogging didn't occur on the first dive of the day? It bloomin' well did today! PS. Ooops, I didn't realise that I was logged on with my son's account...
  6. Hi Bigwave Thank's but it was all about knowing what buttons to press. Hello Damo Thank you although I haven't got much experience with a camera. this was my first photo trip. CJ
  7. I've got lots of lego too. Its my favourite toy. I like the new Indiana Jones sets.
  8. Hello Steve, thank you very much. Yes I do. It's the anenome fish but dad keeps telling me that the lion is his favourite. He keeps going on about composition and symetry and negative space. Yes, I did see some sharks. Dad took me to a special place at Abu Galawa where there is a sleeping white tip under a table coral. I got really close. When I was snorkelling in the bay very early one morning I counted seven black tips swimming around me. They were great.
  9. Hello. This is CJ. I have just introduced myself and I hope you don't mind looking at a few of my Red Sea photos. I took these around Marsa Shagra and on the Fury shoal when I was there in August with my dad (Timmoranuk). Thank you, 'CJ'
  10. Hello. My name is Christopher Moran. I am 10 years old and I've been diving for about three years. My dad is Timmoranuk. I've just come back from a two week trip to Egypt where my dad and I dived the reefs and wrecks around Marsa Shagra - Elphinsone, Abu Dabab, Samadai and on the Fury Shoal - Mahahi, Sha'ab Claude, Sha'ab Maksour, Abu Galawa, Sataya. This was my first photo trip. I have a Sea & Sea DX 8000G and a couple of YS-25 strobes. I took hundreds of photos and I'd like to post a few and hope that you would be kind enough to make some suggestions. Isn't diving just the best thing in the world? Thank you very much, 'CJ'
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