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  1. 4K ready means that the FS700 has had the factory upgrade from Sony making it effectively an FS700R, as noted this is worth $400. You will need an Odyssey 7Q from Convergent Design with the FS700 license, and either a housing from Subal or 100 or so feet of HD-SDI cable that you run to the surface for recording. Total cost a few more grand depending on which route you go. The FS700R + Odyssey 7Q is an amazing combination if you have need for 4K or higher frame rate.
  2. +1 for buoyancy control and water comfort. As far as BCD's are concerned I love my Halcyon Infinity system with cinch harness and would replace it with the same in a heartbeat. The "cinch" system is an adjustable single webbing system that allows for ease of getting into and out of your kit, pretty much instant resizing for wetsuit to drysuit without the need for any extraneous clips and buckles. Have someone who knows how to set it up help you get it dialed because a crappy fitting backplate and wing can be as bad as anything else that doesn't fit. If you are small stature, they have a short plate, and if you travel or need more flexibility in weighting, they have an aluminum version. The bottom line for me is getting kit that 'just works' when it comes to gear, i don't want to have to think about it underwater, I want it to blend into the background so I can focus on the shot. I do my part (maintenance) and it does its part (just works). With regards to sealed, are you diving in excessively cold water? If not, don't worry about it. I've been diving in Puget Sound and surrounding lakes for 25 years and have never had a reg freeze on me (knock on wood). http://www.halcyon.net/bc/single/infinity
  3. You might consider including a listing for external recorder housings needed to allow some of the cameras listed to shoot 4k underwater.
  4. Item arrived EXACTLY as describe, and packaged better than most manufacturers pack stuff. Team2jnd is A-OK seller, highly recommended!! Buy from him with confidence
  5. digging up this old thread... here are a few side by side vids with CSI cam and a TRV900, with and without video lights... Now I'm shooting HD and the difference is just a bit to much to combine footage http://www.vimeo.com/1207599 http://www.vimeo.com/1207526 http://www.vimeo.com/1153741
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