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  1. Since there is a leak for the air to go out of, I shouldn't worry about that. Also, your house is made out of fairly sturdy stuff. I have some doubts about the explosive power of a single Alka-Seltzer. In fact, I doubt if a piece would generate anywhere near enough CO2 to keep your camera safe.
  2. Yeah, some people on the Dutch forum aren't convinced either. If I knew this was going to be so difficult, I'd have taken more pictures of this one! Now I have no choice but to go back
  3. I quote: 'The similarity goes very far, even down to the polyp structure. I always recognize them at the very last moment, because the symmetry is too good for a soft coral. My former assistent once accidently collected one, mistaking it for a soft coral. Good thing he wore gloves. If it were a Capnella, that white spot in the middle would be the point of attachment, which would mean it's upside down. Soft corals don't do that; it's an anemone's mouth'
  4. After all the people mentioned soft coral, I approached a guy at the Dutch Natural History Museum who's the coral conservator there. Here's his reply: 'It seems like an Actinodendron anemone to me. Species in this genus alway look like a hard or soft coral, which causes confusion. Good thing you didn't touch it, because it gives a terrible shock.'
  5. One of the coolest things you can see while diving is big schools of fish. The movement, the glimmer, the choreography. There's single animals that look more impressive, but the sight of thousands of little fish acting as one big unit never bores me. It's truly great. What's not so great, however, are my pictures of it. I press the button and on my little screen, I see all the magic has disappeared. I've tried different aperture settings, shutter times, whatever; it just doesn't work. Which really sucks because according to Google, any idiot can do a great school picture but me. How do you take a picture of a school of fish that doesn't suck? I've included an example to show what I mean; I know the diver below isn't completely in the phot, but even if I polish him away in PS, the picture is still bad.
  6. Oh, shite. Forgot about that - because I can see it fine like this. Anyway, let's see if this works?
  7. Okay, I know this is not a very interesting picture, but I would still like to know what the animal is. I found this during a night dive at The Alternatives in Egypt, at about 10 m depth. It did not appear to move in any way. I posted it on a Dutch scuba diving board, and nobody seems to know. Guesses so far include: - A holothurian, with the body buried in the sand (my best guess) - Upside down jellyfish - Soft coral - Anemone Who can help?
  8. If only there were some kind of computer-based communications system where you could put warning notes about this company...
  9. Fortunately, most countries' copyright laws recognise the fact that creating text is a creative process and thus subject to copyright. If their rules are truly word-for-word copies of yours (which we sadly cannot judge because you only linked to your own), then yes, that would be illegal. IANAL, especially not in Mexican copyright law, but in my experience, that would be something you could settle, preferably out of court. However, while it is illegal to steal photography and literal text, it is not illegal to steal a general idea. Which is a good thing, otherwise there would only be one brand of digital camera and underwater housing. You cannot copyright the idea of a Youtube-contest, I'm affraid. What you can do, is point out that is was your idea. Call it 'The first liveaboard youtube-contest in Mexico' or something. And have your mates be glad that their competitors aren't smart enough to come up with something original - then the competition would be harder!
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