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  1. Does anyone know if the YSD2 is compatible with the Nikon D7500? I am unable to get them to sync in TTL. They work fine on manual. They also work fine in TTL with my Olympus tg5. Im using Nauticam housing, pop up flash to trigger with Nauticam fiber optic cables.
  2. I've never shot macro without TTL. Today I connected my sea and sea TTL converter to my D300 to check it for a dive trip in 10 days to Bonaire. The converter won't fire the strobes even in manual so I'm going to shoot all manual this trip. I have two Sea & Sea YS-120 strobes. The only control on these is 1/2 power and full power. It seems a lot of you shoot macro without TTL all the time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. John
  3. I have that setup. D300, duel YS120 strobes and the OLD Sea and Sea TTL converter. Works very well. These images are examples.
  4. Sand Dollar and Buddy Dive knew no one. I'll see if I can find Den Lamen. Thanks guys. I may just have to do macro. Not a bad thing, It'll force me to concentrate. The tarpon, snook, schools of jacks and schools of goatfish are just killing me though. John
  5. Hi Does anyone know where I can buy, beg, borrow a dome port for an Aquatica housing in bonaire? Mine just cracked.
  6. Jose Thanks for the tips. I'll definately spend some time amongst the docks. Thanks for the email. Max Sorry for hijacking your thread. John
  7. elbuzo, your shots are amazing. I particularly like the snook and baitfish under the pier. How you got so many keepers from a one week trip is beyond me. I'll be there at the end of March beginning of April. Any tips? Favorite dive sites? John
  8. Those shots are fantastic. Hmmm, now I have to rethink. 3 lenses, housing, one port, 2 strobes and memory cards, compact camera for topside, wetsuit, mask and fins and an extra pair of underwear. Rent dive gear. Leave the laptop, big strobe, macro port. One carry on and one checked bag. Next trip is Bonaire, so if I need anything I should be able to get it. Except maybe another port. It'll take some serious willpower to leave stuff at home though. Now my GF tells me she wants to try uw photography. That means I cant use her luggage to stash all my stuff. What are you using for your wide angle shots?
  9. Sounds like the mini domes are quite popular. I'll have to put it on my wish list and watch ebay. A new one for 700 bucks for my Aquatica is just not in the cards right now. I'll use the money for a dive trip. For now I'll stick with the flat and 8 inch dome. Weight is not critical, I'm just getting lazy. Thanks for all the input, makes my decision easy. Deep6: Glenview Huh? Hi neighbor. I grew up in Wilmette and spent lots of time in Glenview. John
  10. Thanks. So, do you use just a dome or have you just tried it? Can't afford a minidome right now.
  11. I'd really like to cut down on the amount of gear I bring. Bringing 100 pounds plus of gear onto a puddle jumper is a pain. I finally no longer have to have 50 rolls of film hand inspected at security and would really like to cut the burden down even more. I'm getting too old I guess. I have a Tokina 10-17, a Nikon 60mm macro and a nikon 105mm macro. I have an 8 inch dome and a flat port. I understand that I would be losing some magnification for macro, but the cropped sensor makes up for some of that. I would have to be carefull about jamming my acrylic dome into coral when getting close, but I have to be wary of that with the 10-17 also. Other things that may be a problem are lighting and getting into tight spaces. Has anyone used an 8 inch dome for macro? Will it affect picture quality in any way? Is it more of a pain to use the dome or to lug the heavy metal and glass flat port a few thousand miles? John
  12. Will the price be closer to that of the D3 housing or that of the D300 housing? I'm upgrading to digital right now and am wondering if I should wait for the D700. Thanks. John
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