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  1. Items will be posted on e-bay within the week. If you are interested, send me a message.
  2. Canon G7 and Canon Housing (with accessories) now gone. All other items are available. Still open to reasonable offers. Cheers, Steve
  3. Hello All: The camera gear listed below has been collecting dust over the past few years and I have recently upgraded to a Sony RX100. I figure it's now time to move my old gear to new homes. All prices are listed in USD. All prices are open to discussion - if your interested, send me an e-mail with a reasonable offer. Will discount for multiple purchases. Buyer pays shipping (will discuss options with interested buyers); willing to ship worldwide. High quality photographs available. Please e-mail to request. Ikelite Compact Housing for Canon S90/S95 Condition - Like New. Only used on one trip in in tropical water (~12 dives). This housing is for the Canon S95 but is currently setup to be used with the Canon S90. The housing converts between S90-S95 cameras by changing the foam piece at the back of the housing. Foam pieces for both will be included. Housing comes with two diffusers, spare o-rings, ikelight lubricant, foam pieces for S90/S95 and some miscellaneous spare parts that were included with the original. Paid $325.00. Asking $275.00. Dyron 15mm Wideangle Lens Glass is perfect. No marks or scratches. Threading is perfect. Some scratching on the metal finish. This is a wet lens with 67mm threading. Paid $321.00. Asking $275.00 Canon Powershot G7 (10.0 megapixel) and Canon Underwater Housing Camera and Housing in excellent condition. Camera comes with charger and extra battery. Housing comes with diffuser, strap and Dyron 67mm adapter. Case was ~$200 new and Camera appears to be selling for ~$200.00 on ebay. Asking $250.00 for both or $100 for case and $175 for camera. Sea and Sea YS27 DX Strobe and Sea Arm Light Set Both are well used but in excellent condition. Set is a great introductory strobe set for a compact camera. Strobe comes with diffuser. Sea Arm Light was ~$150.00 new; strobe was ~$375.00 new. Sync cord not included. Asking $300.00 for both or $250.00 for strobe and $100.00 for Arm set. Fantasea BigEye Lens for Canon G10/11/12 Housings This lens has a small circular mark (scratch) which it picked up when I moved. The lens is very sharp, but the scratch does show up in photographs and needs to be removed in post. One click to remove it, but it is an annoyance. Price discounted accordingly. Wet Wide Angle Lens for Canon Housings Selling new for $250.00 Asking $125.00. Ikelight PCa Torch Used but works great. New $70.00 Asking $35.00 Please e-mail Stephen.Holinski@mail.utoronto.ca if interested. Cheers, Steve
  4. Have to agree with Lionfish - would have preferred to see the model swimming toward the camera; eye contact (fish or human) or something close to it (model looking past the camera) seems to really make a shot pop. Great shot nonetheless; does give a serene impression. Cheers, Steve
  5. Going to echo everyone's comments on this one - a well deserved win. This photo is certainly a best of show. Always love to see the OWU results, such a stunning set of images. Best, Steve
  6. Hey Lee, Love the little squid - whereabouts did you find it? Cheers, Steve
  7. Image No. 2 looks the most natural to me - but I am no expert in Napolean Wrasse. I struggle with color correction and exposure correction all the time, so I hope the above helps. Steve
  8. I havn't upgraded since purchasing a G10 a number of years ago. While I had planned to wait until I could upgrade to a DSLR in a couple of years, this camera has me very interested. Sorry to hear that your Dyron wet lens didn't work...Are you using the MACRO mode on the camera? I have used a Dyron WA lens with great results. Much, much happier with the Dyron product than the Fisheye lens for the Canon G10 housing...which I found to flare/reflect so badly as to be completely useless. Steve
  9. Wonderful! Thank you - the shots look great. Steve
  10. Brilliant first shot. And loving the filtered Lionfish. Best, Steve
  11. I really like the hairy shrimp and tiger shrimp shots. What set up were you using for the hairy shrimp?
  12. The site looks great. Would have loved to see more images in the underwater section, but great call on the images chosen! Cheers, Steve
  13. Phil - the second shot in your gallery is a jaw dropper. Just outstanding! I am still waiting to see one yawn....very jealous And that purple/red'ish Rhino must have been spectacular to see! Very jealous of the trip and of your great gallery; Cheers, Steve
  14. Great shot of the Mantis Shrimp eyes. Mind sharing how it was lit? Steve
  15. The White Calf is quite incredible! Looks like an amazing set of days out on the water.
  16. Nice job with the limited equipment! I agree, the composition is great. Cheers, Steve
  17. It is too bad to hear that each year so many images have to be disqualified. As someone who goes back and re-edits each photo from the original RAW to try to make sure it fits the contest rules I can say two things: 1) it is a shame people appear to be blatantly breaking the rules (cloning a claw!?), and 2) it can be frustrating to determine what exactly you are allowed to do to an image when reading the rules. I tend to agree with Alex (and others) that strong enforcement is needed. Otherwise it is likely that the winning images will have "bent" the rules, creating incentives for all other contestants to do the same. What is a shame is that because of how much this appears to be happening photographers no longer appears to deserve the benefit of the doubt when judges are comparing RAW to processed images. I tend not to mind editing, and think a 'general impression test' is useful - the image should be substantially the same picture as originally taken: no cloning, very limited spotting, and very limited cropping. But contrast, WB, dodging/burning, exposure, etc. I see no issue with allowing. Shrug, just my 2c Interesting thread - Cheers, Steve
  18. Sounds like an absolutely mind-blowing trip! Phil - 18 Rhinopia - WOW! Great shot of the "flea" btw. Can't wait to see more. Steve
  19. The liquid gold shot is phenomenal.
  20. Hey Tim, That is a pretty spectacular collection of images. I just returned from a Komodo/Tulamben trip myself and your images bring back great memories. A couple favorites: the shrimp on the red sponge, the long nose hawkfish, and the orange whip coral shrimp. Do I see a shot of a Rhinopias in there as well?! Was that found in komodo? Cheers, Steve
  21. Looks like an outstanding trip; great Whaleshark shots.
  22. The last shot from the first lake is pretty spectacular! Steve
  23. First shot is just spectacular Serge; Keep up the awesome post.
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