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  1. Draq,

    i am looking for a single Inon Z240 Type 4 strobe?    Is yours available?

  2. Will you consider $850 US, since they are Type 1 ?
  3. WTB Single Inon Z240 type 4 strobe to replace one that flooded. Located in Southern California. Time for you to upgrade to the Z330.
  4. Tigershark, I'm interested in your single Z240 if it's still available. I'm located in Southern California.
  5. Everything has been sold. I moved down to the Olympus EM5 Mark III. I had all the ports and lenses from an EM1 Mark I setup. I've been using it two years now and I miss the D500 because the D500 has an amazingly quick and accurate focusing mechanism. I almost didn't need a focus light. Also, the resolution is much better. That being said, I'm very happy with my current kit. It's easier to swim with and travel. I'm not a pro, so I don't need great resolution. I've blown up some of my shots to 24" X 36" and have been happy with them. Everything is a trade-off.
  6. Would you consider selling one? I have one already. I'm located in California--easy shipping.
  7. Sorry. No. Everything has been sold.
  8. Both the 4.33 inch dome port and the macro port 60 have all been sold. As has all the extension rings. Sorry.
  9. I just sold my D500 with a Nauticam housing to move down to Olympus EM1 Mark iii. I was geting to old to lug around the D500 to Indonesia from California and fighting currents with a big housing. I miss it. The low light focusing mechanism is amazing---having shot three other systems. I almost don't need a focus light, even in California. EM1 Mark iii is a step down in quality from D500. I have owned 3 Nauticam housings and 1 Subal. Subal is like a Ferrari. More compact than the comparable Nauticam housing. Also Nauticam housings are so light, I had to add weights to balance it when shooting wide angle. The lettering paint wears off after 150-200 dives---very cheap. The problem with Subal (and why I have Nauticam) is $$$.
  10. Wanted: NAUTICAM P8-F Focus Gear: Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm Micro Four Thirds System
  11. Port Adapter has been sold. Macro Ports still Available.
  12. Please shoot me an e-mail to karatedds@hotmail.com. Wetpixel limits the size of the files you can post.
  13. BARELY USED, Excellent Condition NO DIFFUSER TTL Asking $200.00 Contact me for higher resolution photos.
  14. MACROMATE (by Backscatter) for Subal 105 VR Macro Ports Very Good Condition $275
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