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  1. any suggestions where to pick up a 10-17 FE at a good price delivered to the EU? ta
  2. looking for a replacement body for my d200 housing. has the s5 pro got anything on the d200 for underwater use? ta
  3. the nex lenses are still a little bulky to be called compact so it will still have a sizable profie underwater. the rumored nikon interchanable lens camera, if the patents are to be belived, may well be the most compact of the lot. small strobes will be a must but bouancy may need to be added. my 5 year old d200 flooded a few months back so i guess i'm not the only one looking into a replacement.
  4. http://www.dpreview.com/news/1006/10060103...nic8preview.asp http://www.dpreview.com/news/1006/10060101Pana8mmFisheye.asp
  5. anyone using one? looking to replace my dead d200 with somthing as capable but more compact and with video. ta
  6. my d200 bit the dust at 14m (user error on a never used before port...) last weekend so looking into my options which include sell everything and start from fresh. what i have at the moment that is UW sutiable kit wise is, dead d200, d700, 10-17 FE that may work , needs to be striped and cleaned, 17-35 afs, 105 afd micro, 17-55 afs kit lens, 52mm nikon close up no.2, 77mm canon 500d, 77mm heliopan single element close up, ikelite d200 housing with dead electronics, two ds 125's with 15'' of arms, 6'' 12-24 tolk dome port and a port for the micro lens. i would like a lighter set up to travle with, 19'' print is the most i do and the 10-12mp flies are fine for this, for me. something that can catch a bit of video once in a while because pictures cant do some fish motion justice. but i need the responsivenes of a slr with dual strobes. accurate ttl metering, 150mm+ macro capability and fisheye on the wide end, double up as a travle camera. as far as i know this UW camera set up doesnt exist (let me know if it does or will very soon). so is something like a housed panasonics gh1 up to the task with the little strobes from inon, paired with a pair of aiming lights, or take the insurance (if i get it) offer on a d300s set up. or pick up a flip HD. thoughts welcome.
  7. the longer close focus distance results in mushy corners, hence why everyone goes with the 17-35.
  8. http://www.divephotoguide.com/reviews/aqua..._for_nikon_d700 doesn't say if they were heavily cropped or has aquatica got a new port extension? i dont think its just the small small image size.
  9. looks fairly real to me, not dx either... http://nikonrumors.com/2009/02/16/af-s-nik...-f4-g-ed-n.aspx
  10. when i do them on land, tripod results are better than hand held, nodal slide is better than no nodal slide and i use a 20mm ais lens on fx because it's easier than using a 35mm.
  11. according to nikon rumors the d400 is on its way 15mp with improved high iso. i'll stick with my d200 for uw, 100% vf is nice but i crop everything as the 35mm ratio is a bit pants.
  12. the d300 is 200g heaver than the d90 so the d90 seatool may be perteft for you.
  13. alex what brand of single element diopters are the ones to go for and are they any lower in profile than the 500D? i am looking at a heliopan as my 500d wont fit behind my dome on my 12-24. ta
  14. fred what dioptre do you recommend?
  15. have a look at dan burtons creations. http://underwaterimages.co.uk/gallery/gallery/homemade i looked at making a housing years ago but it ikelite were cheaper. if you want to shoot fish eye get a dome. pre made domes and controls from ikelite will be the cheapest way to go in a home made acrilic housing. also check out 2nd hand.
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