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  1. THanks Mikko, I was able to start to screw in the UNC threaded bolts but met with some resistance so did not continue. Better to err on the side of caution that either cross thread them or screw up the mount. I'll try to order the BSW bolts for a try. Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Peter, Tried Bolt Masters and while they had the 1/4 UNC they only had 3/4 long for some reason in 316. No worries at all, I found an online place and hedged my bets. Appreciate the reply! Cheers, Phil
  3. Hi All, On the underside of my 7D housing there are 3 threaded holes presumably to attach a tripod to. Anyone know the thread info for these? Just wanted to possibly confirm it could be a 1/4" UNC.... UNC seems be a hard one to find, but I would think this is the standard size for camera tripod mounts as well. Also could UNC be called something else overseas? Please correct me if I am mistaken. Thanks! Cheers, Phil P.S. I am unsure if other housings have the same tripod mount hence the title.
  4. Hi Jim, Definitely looks similar. There seems to be quite a variety in this species but think you are spot on. Cheers, Phil
  5. Dear All, Anyone have an idea what this Chelidonura species may be? Found at Edithburgh, South Australia in about 3 m of water. Slug was about 25 mm long including tail. Thanks! Cheers, Phil Mercurio
  6. Hi Guys, May I ask, does the flip holder work with a flat port? Cheers, Phil
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will check the camera settings and a full battery again with the settings mentioned. Cheers, Phil
  8. I picked one up recently as well and agree that it is pretty tough to turn on underwater! Tried it on a shallow dive last weekend.
  9. Dear All, I saw this awesome video some time back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4gRNXfRwsE Posted by Ryan Canon at Reef photo and video, optical strobe firing, manual flash at 1/128 I am trying to gain some intial knowledge and experience with my wide angle setup (*Canon 7D, tokina 10-17 and Kenko 1.4x teleconverter) and think I may be doing something incorrectly. Have any other Canon 7D users achieved speeds this fast with the combination mentioned using fresh batteries in both the strobes and camera? I could be mistaken but I count approx 13 strobe flash fires in a row in a span of about 7 seconds which is almost 2 per second (*0:09 to 0.16 on the video time). I seem to be getting about 1 flash per second. I have ensure that the onboard flash settings are set to manual and multi-flash with the power discharge adjusted in cutom settings. The camera is set on high speed continuous shooting as well. The strobes are set to low. I am unsure if this is an onboard camera flash issue and recharge or the strobe recharge time which is limiting the speed. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Phil Mercurio
  10. Hey I'd be interested in hearing how they perform on dives! Could you please keep us in the loop? Cheers, Phil
  11. Hey All, I thought I'd give this a little bump seeing that there have been a number of flatworm/nudi ID requests. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Phil
  12. Thank you All for the C&C and kind words. Marli thank you for having a play, I like the edits and agree with your comments. I will check out the options you used, are you using Photoshop? I did this in lightroom and am always a little hesitant to over sharpen... Cheers, Phil
  13. Just thought I would mention that the flatworm was about 20-25mm long. If there are any suggestions on family and/or species, I'd appreciate it! Cheers, Phil
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