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  1. Dave, Will be really interested to see your results as am not being 'sold' on this camera at the moment !!! Please let me know when you test the 700 . . . Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Guys, Has anyone got any experience of using the Sony FX1 with a Ninja drive or such like? I'm wondering if this will allow me to capture the sensor data and increase the bit rate and quality of what the camera is capturing at the moment. I'm trying to prolong the life of the camera and housing a little longer before i bite the bullet and upgrade :-) Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Am looking for some input on the differences and pro's and cons of the Sony HVR Z7u and Canon XH A1. I'm currently considering an upgrade which will involve anew camera as well as a Gates housing so not a cheap investment !! I'm going to use them primarily for underwater work and need them to be broadcast qulaity HD as i have a number of projects coming that require HD qulity. I'm very intrested to know which of the 2 cameras perform better under low light conditions and the differences between the AF on both cameras. Also, the manual white balance capabilities and how they perform after they have been WB . . . Any help and advice would be gratefully received . . . Pau
  4. Would be really interested to know how the EX1 and the housing work out as am considering this as well as the Canon XH A1 at the moment and am seeking as much advice as possible before i buy in a month or so . . . .
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