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  1. I use Tin Eye reverse image search, it's quite handy for checking out where your images might be appearing!! http://tineye.com/
  2. Hi I am seriously considering selling my Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing (no ports, just the housing). I bought it last August, but unfortunately due to spinal surgery, it has stayed in its box since then & I don't know if its ever going to emerge! It cost £2100, is in mint condition (as I said its never been used) and I would be looking to recoup as much of the purchase price I could, albeit a bit less than current new online prices. I note that new from Cameras Underwater its £2055, and on ebay you can get it for £2023 from the States (I've also seen it recently from Hong Kong for around £1800). Any interest?
  3. Can anyone tell me roughly what the weight of a Nikon D60 (with 60mm macro lens) is when housed in a Sea & Sea housing (no strobes). I'm trying to get some idea of a comparison between the D60 and a similar setup with the D100. Thanks!
  4. I can vouch for the Fuji F50 - fits snugly in BC pocket and works well at the macro end. Can be operated with aperture priority or shutter priority, but you can't manually alter both aperture & shutter speed at the same time, so no true manual mode. Onboard flash is ok, but may result in a bit of backscatter if there is muck in the water. Only downside I've found is that image can be a bit noisy - you might want to limit the top end of the ISO it selects.
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